December 12, 2023 The Print Authority

Top 6 Real Estate Holiday Marketing Ideas

The holidays are a special time full of happiness and cheer — and property sales. Finish out the year strong and set yourself up for a great Q1 with an effective holiday real estate marketing strategy.

When you’re trying to make an impression during the holidays, it’s a great idea to incorporate the special season into your marketing. Including holiday cheer in your print and digital materials helps prospective clients feel the joy of the season, which in turn builds your relationship and encourages them to take action. Keep reading to learn about the most effective real estate holiday marketing ideas that will make a difference for you and your clients!

Role of Print Marketing in Real Estate Holiday Campaigns

Print marketing is important in any real estate agent’s marketing strategy, no matter the time of year. However, it is extra important around the holidays, when people are often busy or traveling and can easily lose track of new properties or upcoming open houses. Your print marketing is a tangible reminder for clients to go see that new property they have their eyes on, stop by that open house, or even make an offer before the end of the year. 

Print marketing during the holidays also has effects that last into the new year. By spreading winter cheer to your clients, you let them know that you’re thinking of them, and you build a community together. If they don’t end up making a purchase in December, current clients will be inspired to continue working together when January rolls around. They might see your holiday card on their fridge, write a note with a pen you handed out at an end-of-the-year open house, or take a look through your holiday newsletter and be inspired to contact you. 

Combining print marketing and social media campaigns over the holidays is a sure-fire way to make an impression on your clients. It’s an easy way to wrap up this year and get next year off to a great start. 

Top 6 Real Estate Holiday Marketing Ideas

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these tried and true real estate marketing ideas that will make the end of the year bright for your real estate business.

#1: Customized Holiday Cards

Sending custom holiday cards is one of the most effective holiday print marketing strategies. A cheerful card lets clients know you care about them and you value your relationship. Choose a card design that makes a great impression and provides a flavor of holiday spirit that appeals to your readers. This might mean opting for a rustic look or instead choosing a sophisticated aesthetic. Either way, make sure that your card matches your client’s preferences, as this demonstrates that you understand their values. 

Be sure to include a handwritten message on your holiday cards. Even one or two sentences and your signature go a long way when it comes to establishing a personal connection with recipients. 

#2: Festive Property Brochures

Dressing up your brochures for the holidays adds some extra cheer and helps readers feel excited about the season. By increasing readers’ feelings of joy and holiday spirit, you build relationships that last. 

Your brochures show your properties at their best, and by creating holiday brochures, you show potential buyers what the holidays in their new home could look like. Who wouldn’t want to purchase a beautiful property decked out in lights? Your brochures can provide a little taste of this experience. 

If you’re looking for easy ways to make your brochures festive, feel free to talk with the helpful design team at The Print Authority. They can take your regular brochures and give them a healthy dose of holiday cheer!

#3: Limited-Time Holiday Promotions

From Black Friday through New Year’s, we’re all used to a wide range of deals and promotions in virtually every sector. By offering a holiday promotion of your own, you give potential clients that extra push they need to take action. 

Consider offering a discount on closing costs or complimentary staging services during the holidays. Clients will appreciate what you’ve done for them, and they’ll be more likely to say yes when they know that you’re making the process easier on them and their wallets. 

#4: Holiday-Themed Open Houses

Holiday-themed open houses are the perfect time to spread happiness and joy while showing the very best sides of your properties. Stage your properties for the holidays, including festive lights, winter greenery, and decorative pieces throughout the house or apartment. Don’t forget to share a social media post with the beautifully decorated home!

When planning your holiday open houses, make sure to stock up on snacks and treats. Even if open-house visitors don’t remember the layout of the master bathroom, they’ll remember your delicious gingerbread cookies and warm apple cider!

#5: Collaborative Community Events

Holiday events and connections can give the holiday season meaning. Organize community-building events that tie people together and make a difference. 

You can choose from a wide range of events, so consider what your real estate clients and community members would find most enjoyable and meaningful. You can host a holiday party, organize a volunteer day at a local charity, or even plan a holiday cookie exchange in the winter months. The most important part is that it brings people together. You can help community members meet, and you might even help potential buyers feel inspired to make a purchase. 

#6: Year-End Market Reports

The end of the year is a convenient time to look both backward and forward. To take stock and prepare for the upcoming year, it’s a good idea to distribute year-end market reports to your contacts. By giving them a good look at how the year has gone, you help them understand the complex real estate market and make plans for the upcoming year. 

When you print your market reports, make them easy for all your clients to understand. Use limited jargon, and include a beautiful design and visuals that make your information clear. When clients see that you want to help them succeed, they’ll feel inspired to give you a call. 

Leveraging Print Authority’s Services for Marketing 

If you want to turn these real estate holiday marketing ideas into reality, get in touch with The Print Authority! We print all the holiday marketing materials you need, including festive brochures, flyers, business cards, and even holiday open-house signage. We want to help you and your clients feel the holiday spirit.

To get started, contact The Print Authority today! Happy holidays!