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6 Home Builder Signage & Promotional Tools

As a home builder, you rely on printed materials, such as home builder signage, to further your business. Great printing can help your business become even more successful!

Before, during, and after your contracts with your clients, you rely on expertly printed materials to market your business, provide helpful information to your clients, and advance your professional image.

This guide will explain the benefits of having stellar printed materials for your business at each of these stages.

Home Builder Signage to Help Potential Customers Find Your Business

It sounds obvious, but for your customers to learn about your business, they first need to know you exist. Create professional marketing materials to inform members of your target communities about your company.


One way that people can learn about your company is by receiving a postcard. This is the perfect way to advertise to people who might not learn about your business any other way, so make it count!

You know the feeling when you receive mail that immediately catches your eye? Great mailers capture your attention and generate excitement. This is what you’re trying to achieve with your company’s custom new home postcards. A well-designed postcard will help drive potential buyers to your website, where they can learn more about the homes you build.

Have your postcards professionally printed, and use a professional designer, if possible, to make the best impression on new customers. As well, an experienced printing company will help you target consumers geographically or at certain income levels, so that you’re spreading awareness about your business to exactly the people you want.

Make your mail exciting! Professionally printed oversized custom new home postcards help your potential buyers see the types of homes you build. If appropriate, try a special effect to help your mail stand out. This can include a UV Coating, foil stamping, or even a unique envelope. Anything that makes people want to learn more about your homes can help. These creative design elements set your company apart and attract potential buyers.


As you’re trying to increase your visibility and create new connections, professionally printed home brochures will market your home building company to reach new customers and inform them about the homes you build.

What is the most exciting feature of your homes? What makes them special? Be sure to highlight this on your home brochures to inform customers while making them exciting and inviting. A stellar home builder brochure will showcase your best homes to impress prospects. Include photos of your homes so that potential buyers can visualize them, as well as information that will help your customers understand why they should use your company. Do your homes have large yards? Are they near good schools? If so, say so on your home builder brochure!

As well, on your brochure, consider including testimonials from satisfied customers. These are great proof of your company’s high standards and help inspire confidence in your business!

If your business is in an area prone to natural disasters, like floods, tornadoes, or fires, people frequently look for home builders to do remodels and repairs. Brochures help get your name out into the community so that you’re the first company people think of when they’re in a bind. Consider contacting insurance agents or disaster restoration companies, as they may be a good source of referrals.

For potential buyers to see your brochures, place them throughout your target communities, such as in grocery stores, restaurants, places of worship, and community centers. In addition, consider partnering with real estate relocation experts, as they often meet new move-ins first.

Once potential buyers see your brochure, they need to know how to take the next step to learn more. Make it easy for buyers to contact you by including your contact information. If you build model homes, make it very easy for customers to visit by including directions with local landmarks. Lastly, don’t forget your website address. Many buyers prefer to do research online first. All of this can be accomplished with a well-designed brochure!

Home Builder Materials to Use When Working with Customers

Congratulations—your potential customers are learning about your company! Now it’s time to show them exactly what to love about the homes you build.


Once you start working with potential buyers, it’s time to bring out the most exciting and comprehensive materials yet: your floorplans!

Floorplans can be inside of brochures or on flyers, or they might be on individual pieces of paper. If you build model homes for prospects to tour, professionally print a detailed floorplan for each of your houses, making sure there are copies inside all of your model homes.

Floorplans are a way for customers to remember which houses they saw and loved, so include any important information that a buyer would need to know about the home on the floorplan. If your home models have names, consider including them on your floorplans, as well as defining characteristics such as square footage, number of bedrooms and baths, and how many cars fit in the garage.

The floorplan is a great place to highlight special features of your home. Does it have a gourmet kitchen? A breakfast nook? A bonus room? If so, include it! Include anything that will remind your buyers about the excellent qualities of your homes and will make a lasting impression. Don’t forget drawings or photographs of your homes, as this is another way to help customers remember the home.

Potential buyers will collect floorplans as they tour many different homes, so make sure you put your company’s information on your floorplan so your customer knows how to find you again! Include your company’s name, logo and contact information (phone number, email, and website) on your brochure. This ensures that customers can reach out to you at any point.

Business Cards

If clients want to ask questions about your houses, what is the resource they’re most likely to turn to? Your business card! Having a highly effective business card develops your business’ image and brand, and can make a huge difference to clients. Make your business card the best it can be so that clients can easily contact you.

To ensure that your home builder business cards are as effective as possible, make them clear and easy to read. Display contact information prominently so that clients can contact you. Consider working with a professional designer, which will result in the perfect business card to generate more business for your company.

Of course, business cards are important throughout your interactions with your clients. Potential buyers will keep them as a physical reminder of your company. You can give them to current buyers so that they have a personal contact within your company, and you can provide them to satisfied customers to distribute to their friends and community members seeking a home builder. Your home builder business cards constantly help market your company and increase your business’ reach in the community!

Home Builder Signage For When the Job is Done

Once you’ve built your customer’s house and they’ve moved in, you can continue to impress them with your professionalism and continue to attract new clients! You can do this in two main ways: writing notes on professional stationery and creating home builder yard signs or banners.

Professional stationery

Make your communications personal with handwritten letters! Your customers will appreciate the personal touch. As a home builder, you have opportunities to use professionally printed stationery, particularly when writing thank-you notes to clients. You can also use professional stationery to write thank-you letters to anyone who made the job easier.

Don’t forget to ask for referrals when writing thank you notes. Many people learn about businesses through word-of-mouth, so this is an important way to increase sales.

You can, of course, use professional stationery for a personal touch before and throughout the contract with your clients, such as introducing yourself or writing a thank-you letter to a possible client after they tour one of your homes. You can also use handwritten notes to follow up on emails with clients. In this age of online communication, this adds a personal touch.

When printing your stationery, include your company’s logo, and print on a high-quality paper. This sophisticated step will impress. When writing notes to clients, personalization and professionalism will get you far!

Yard Signs and Banners

Once you’ve finished building a house, people will start passing by and seeing your beautiful work firsthand. Effective home builder signage will capitalize on this to further increase your business. Consider printing yard signs to place in front of the houses you build. People will see your name as they pass by, and then they will know about your company and the great results you produced.

If you’ve built homes in a subdivision or on a busy street, consider posting a professionally printed banner at street level to let passers-by know to enter and see your homes. People will want to know more about your company, so make sure you include your company’s name and contact information!

Advance Your Home Building Company With The Help of a Professional Printing Company!

Professionally designed and printed home builder signage helps your home building company shine, and The Print Authority is the perfect company to work with you to create these products. With almost thirty years of experience, we’ve helped home building companies produce materials they’re proud of, and we’d love to work with you too. Contact us today!