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These 10 Grocery Store Marketing Ideas Will Fill Your Aisles

Opening a new grocery store is a complicated operation that requires lots of time and effort. In addition to building or renovating your property and sourcing excellent food products, developing a successful supermarket marketing strategy is vital for attracting customers. Your marketing leads customers through the door on opening day and leads to long-term loyalty.

Keep reading to learn all about The Print Authority’s top grocery store marketing ideas that will bring shoppers flocking to your aisles!

10 Grocery Store Marketing Ideas To Attract New Shoppers

When developing a supermarket marketing strategy, use a multi-pronged approach. Combining the following ideas is a great method that will help bring as many customers as possible through your doors.

1. Print Custom Reusable Shopping Bags

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Demonstrate your store’s commitment to the environment by printing branded reusable shopping bags. People use reusable bags in all areas of life, so recipients will showcase your name and brand throughout your community. They might even bring your bags to other grocery stores, which will help fellow shoppers find you.

Consider offering free bags to customers as part of your grand opening. When recipients see your bag later, they’ll remember your wonderful products and will come back for more.

2. Sell Locally-Grown Produce and Specialties

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These days, more and more shoppers buy locally-grown produce, due to both its increased health benefits and decreased environmental impact. Be sure to stock local products and highlight them on your shelves. Printing stickers that draw attention to locally-produced items is a great grocery store marketing idea that highlights your commitment to local vendors.

In addition, curate a selection of local specialty items and market them to your customers. Is your region known for a certain type of alcohol? Do you sell local candies or baked goods? Use stickers to highlight these items as well.

3. Let Community Members Know About Deals

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Did you know that almost 90% of consumers used coupons in 2020? Coupons, sales, and discounts are powerful marketing tools. Offer a range of sales and discounted items which motivate shoppers to visit your store.

Of course, offering deals only brings shoppers to your door if your customers are aware of them, so be sure to send targeted mailings with weekly specials, coupons, and coupon booklets to local addresses. Your printing company can help you develop a targeted mailing strategy that helps your focus demographics find you.

4. Let Your Free Samples Speak for Themselves

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One of the most effective supermarket strategy ideas is offering products that customers love. Offer free samples that give shoppers a taste of your fresh foods. Once they taste the superior quality, they’ll be sure to make a purchase.

Consider focusing your free sample offerings on high-quality, locally-produced, organic products, or other noteworthy items that inspire special interest. When customers taste items they wouldn’t otherwise choose to purchase, they’re more often inspired to buy the product.

5. Raise Awareness In Your Community By Sponsoring Local Events

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Attaching your name to local community events is a great tactic that raises your supermarket’s profile in your area. Local races, fun runs, 5Ks, school sports teams, school dances, and parades are a small subset of events that are typically searching for community partners and sponsors. There are many such events each year, giving you ample opportunities to demonstrate your commitment to your community.

When you sponsor events, be sure to distribute marketing materials such as flyers or brochures that inspire attendees and participants to visit your store. You can offer a special discount or simply advertise your excellent products and healthful foods.

6. Cultivate An Active Online Presence

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These days, social media is an extremely important aspect of any grocery store marketing plan. Develop stylish, creative content that inspires shoppers to visit and stock their fridges from your shelves. Notice how Publix uses a green motif throughout their Instagram feed, which develops a cohesive brand image.

On your social media accounts, be sure to provide a range of information, from opening hours to recipes, food safety tips and more. Making customers hungry is always a great strategy that inspires them to visit your store, so include images of your products and recipes that inspire your followers to take a shopping trip.

7. Offer and Advertise Easy Delivery Services

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These days, nearly 50% of consumers buy groceries online at least once a week. Therefore, offering a well-run delivery service is a vital supermarket marketing strategy that convinces customers to place an order.

Distribute custom flyers to customers advertising your delivery service. Be sure to include your company branding, and consider adding a special offer such as a discount on their first order. As well, consider promoting ongoing special offers, such as free delivery on orders over $50.

8. Keep Your Website Up To Date

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Use your website to demonstrate that you’re not just a grocery store, you’re a shopping experience and a community gathering place. Offer recommendations, reviews of products, deals, and a place to sign up for your newsletter or loyalty program on your website.

Be sure to update your website frequently with updates about operations, such as opening hours and holiday closures, as well as updates about products, such as new local produce. If you offer cooking classes, recipes, or branded merchandise, these are all perfect to advertise on your website as well.

9. Print Effective In-Store Advertising



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Remind shoppers about your special deals and new products at the moment when it’s most important: while they’re grocery shopping in the store. Customers are often inspired while they’re wandering the aisles, so print items including custom posters, banners, handouts, and more that bring attention to your deals and inspire spontaneous purchases.

You can even print custom laminated review cards and other signage so that staff can write their own recommendations for local products. Always be sure to include your supermarket’s branding and font to promote a cohesive brand experience.

10. Advertise In Your Local Newspaper

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Placing ads and coupons in your local newspaper is a grocery store marketing tactic that brings thousands of eyes to your store. This grocery store marketing strategy is particularly effective when opening a new location, as you’re able to reach readers throughout your community.

Newspapers are the perfect locations for cutout coupons. Readers will be inspired to visit your store and check out your great products.

The Print Authority Brings Customers To Your Grocery Store

At The Print Authority, we understand the power of grocery store marketing and want to help you fill your aisles with customers. With over three decades of experience helping both independent and national supermarkets with their marketing strategies, we can help you design and print the custom branded marketing materials that bring shoppers to your shelves. Contact us to get started!