October 14, 2020 The Print Authority

10 Kinds of Grocery Store Signage, Labels, & Fliers

Grocery stores and specialty markets face stiff competition, making it critical for your market to stand out. Customers love simplicity. Many shoppers have a “get in, get out” mentality, so anything you can do to help them will improve repeat business. High quality printed materials help you organize and streamline the shopping experience and take your market’s business to the next level. Here are 10 printed items your grocery store or specialty market needs now.

Types of Grocery Store Signs, Labels and Fliers

1. Food Cards and Grocery Store Shelf Labels

The processed food in your store arrives pre-labeled, but some other types of food will not. Create easy to read cards and food labels to identify produce, flowers, meats and cheeses, seafood, baked goods, and dairy products. Display printed cards or signs to identify where specific types of items are located to reduce customer frustration. Customers want a grocery experience where they can find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently. Help them do just that!

Use professional cards and labels which have easy to read fonts with large type. Consider more durable synthetic or laminated labels where they make sense. Water-resistant labels may last longer and look better than standard labels in areas where water or ice is being used regularly. Also, think about using recycled paper where possible to be good to the environment.

2. Cling Labels

Cling labels are a great way to advertise meats and cheeses in a deli department or baked goods in a bakery, and they are also useful for general advertising in your market’s front window. These labels stick to either the outside or the inside of the glass and create an easy to read, high-quality removable general store sign. Cling labels help create demand for new or unusual items in your store or help advertise specials and promotions. Use interesting fonts and simple colors to make these labels easy to read.

3. Hanging Grocery Store Signs in Aisles

Have you ever found yourself running around a grocery or specialty market in many different directions, trying to find a certain food or product? This can be a very frustrating experience for shoppers. Hanging grocery store signs in the aisles helps show customers what categories of food are found there. Keep large signs simple, and use professional photography if possible. Make the signs big, so that customers can see them from far away. Use colors that fit your store’s image and aren’t too bright, so customers don’t find them distracting or tacky.

4. Brochures

Don’t underestimate the importance of printed brochures in your grocery store, bakery or market. Ordering cakes and other baked goods can be a confusing process for customers. Have brochures available for shoppers to walk them through the process. Consider using a brochure to explain how to order catering for a larger order. Whether customers want premade sandwiches or hot foods, a simple brochure can streamline the process.

5. Forms for Special Orders

While brochures can coach customers through special order, order forms can close the deal and make sure everything gets done right. Have forms ready in your bakery and deli for custom or bulk orders. Create forms that are easy for customers or employees to fill out. Multiple part forms are a good idea, so both customers and the store can keep one part. Be sure forms are designed to capture customer information and the details of the order accurately.

6. Floor Graphics

Having signs on the floor can grab attention more than you think. These signs are noticeable because customers literally have to walk over them to shop. Use floor graphics to deliver important messages to your customers. Most recently, these are being used to encourage social distancing, but they also make great marketing tools. Be sure all floor graphics are made with OSHA approved anti-skid laminate to avoid accidents. Whether used for advertising or other reasons, floor graphics make a great addition to your grocery or specialty market.

7. Banners

Banners are great to let customers know about special promotions in your store or about important deals they may not be aware of. Banners are great for ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ promotions or seasonal specials. Hanging banners will make your customers aware of your best deals and will encourage them to come again.

8. Supermarket Sign for Seasonal Items

You need grocery store signs for seasonal specialty items. These signs could be for pumpkins at Halloween, towels or outdoor furniture in summer, salt for clearing snow in winter or charcoal for your cooking needs. Without grocery store signs, people may not notice these specialty items. Make these signs stand out by adding some simple designs and colors. Try to make sure the words are big enough for customers to read and laminate your signs for optimal durability.

9. Business Cards, Gift Certificates, and Gift Cards

When customers are upset about a product or the service, managers calm customers down and resolve problems. Add a layer of professionalism to your operation by providing managers with professional business cards. Once a situation is resolved, managers should give customers a business card to assure them that they are easily reachable. This gives the customer comfort knowing who to reach out to if they have another issue. Business cards should have your store logo, be professionally printed, and use thick card stock to make them durable and give them a bold appearance. You may also want professionally printed gift certificates and gift cards. Make your gift cards appealing to the eye and a prize for those that receive them.

10. Mailers and Post Cards

Mailers and postcards can be used to send coupons to your customers or locals near your store. Coupons will encourage both old and new customers to come check out your store. Be sure to include brief information about what makes your store special and some unique aspects of your market. Get these mailers professionally printed to make a great impression. An experienced printing company can help you get a mailing list to target residences around your business.

Invest in a High-Quality Printing Company

Now, each of these ideas is great, but without using a professional design and printing company, your marketing efforts may fall flat. The Print Authority has been in business for 30 years and has a professional team to help you from design to printing to distribution of printed materials and grocery store signage. Whether you run or own one specialty market or a chain of grocery stores, we can help you create outstanding printing and distribute it to where it needs to go. We are a leader in designing outstanding portals for ordering printing for multiple-location companies, and our service is second to none. Contact us today!