July 7, 2022 The Print Authority

The Ultimate Guide To Event Printing: Tips, Tricks, & More

It takes a village to pull off a successful event. One of the most important aspects of any event is easy and high-quality event printing; from event programs to badges and tickets to flyers, your printed materials guide participants through the event and ensure everyone has a successful experience.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about great event printing, including the benefits of professional event program printing, examples, and more!

Event Planning Done Right With Quality Event Printing

Imagine you’re walking into a trade show or conference. At the welcome table, you receive a folder with the conference’s name, filled with informational materials about the coming event. You notice a detailed map and timetable of the upcoming sessions and speeches, and a guide to local restaurants, tourist attractions, and nightlife. You’re handed a badge with your name and company’s name and a ticket to that night’s corporate mixer.

With all these print products in hand, you know where to go and when, and you’re ready to take full advantage of this experience. Simply put, successful event printing materials are the key to a great event. When you’re responsible for planning a conference, gathering, or another event, providing these materials will ensure that your participants have a great time!

Consider Event Printing Branding

Branding is the personification of your company or organization’s identity. Therefore, it’s essential to include your branding on all of your printed items and marketing materials.

Consider how a special event is a boon for your brand. New participants will learn about your company, and when they create a positive association with your brand, they’ll leave the event inspired to continue their relationship with your business. However, this is only possible if they retain an idea of your company’s identity! Branding is indispensable because it cements the link between your company and the materials you distribute.

Given your branding’s importance, take care when developing your organization’s image. Plan how you want your brand to be perceived, and update your printed materials accordingly. Getting professional opinions on your branding will ensure that you’re making choices that will lead to the very best brand engagement, so when it’s time for a brand refresh or redesign, enlist professional assistance that will help you maximize your impact.

Event Printing Must-Haves

The type of event you’re organizing will influence the exact list of materials that will make it a success. However, here are some must-haves that help participants make the most of every event.

Event Badges

The Print Authority event badge example.

The first information you provide in any business or social setting is your name. Professionally-printed event badges start your participants on the right foot by helping them easily network and make connections.

Because an event badge is frequently the first item a participant receives, your event badge is also your attendee’s first impression of your event, so make it count! Top-quality event badge printing is therefore paramount. Whether you opt for sturdy plastic badges or flexible laminated paper ones, your event badge printing lets attendees know who you are right off the bat.

Event Programs

TPA event program example.

Your event program printing is the star of the show. Custom event programs are participants’ guides to the entire gathering. From simple timetables to detailed booklets, event programs can take any form you need, and they ease the organizational strains of pulling off a complex event with many moving parts.

Professionally-printed event programs help you put your best foot forward. From increased paper options to multiple binding styles, a professional printing company provides the flexibility and high-quality products to make your event a success.

Event Tickets

event tickets The Print Authority.

Whether you’re organizing a keynote speech or a conference afterparty, event tickets help both you and your participants stay organized. Providing event tickets keeps your event secure by limiting admission to pre-registered attendees, so there’s no need to worry about outsiders wandering into your gathering.

Your event ticket design sets the tone for your event. Are you hosting an elegant gala? A professional soirée? An inspiring auction? Your tickets will provide a glimpse of what to expect. Professional and custom event ticket printing legitimizes your event and provides printing options that are difficult to print at home or on a company printer, such as both offset and digital printing, crisper print quality, and custom die-cutting. When attendees see a shiny ticket printed on thick, glossy paper, they’ll know they’re in for a treat!

Business Cards

The Print Authority business cards example.

As we’ve discussed, events are prime networking opportunities, so come prepared with business cards that make an impression. Whether you’re an organizer or an attendee, you’ll be ready to hand out business cards to all your new acquaintances and build connections that last.

Given your business cards’ importance, make sure to enlist a professional printing company that can print business cards that demonstrate your professionalism. With a multitude of design and print options, including glossy and matte cards, thermography, and rounded corners, a professional printer gives you the flexibility to present yourself exactly as you’d like.

Event Flyers

The Print Authority event flyer example.

Event flyers keep your attendees in the loop. You can post larger flyers in hallways to provide directions and crucial updates, place medium-size flyers in participants’ welcome folders, and even hand out smaller flyers at the door to inform attendees about important announcements.

When you need event flyers, you typically need many at a time. A professional printing company has the production speed and flexibility to provide the flyers you need quickly and send them right to your event venue.

The Convenience of a One-Stop-Shop

Preparing all the printed materials you need for your event is no easy task. Luckily, a professional printing company such as The Print Authority can take care of all of your event program printing. Handling your printing needs through one company is a convenient solution: simply send off your design and let your printer handle the rest. A top-tier printing company can even create designs for you and assemble welcome folders with all of your event materials.

To ensure that your next event will be a rousing success, partner with The Print Authority! With over three decades of providing top-quality printed materials for all sorts of professional and social events, we’re well-equipped to produce every item you need. Get started by calling us at (615) 468-2679 or contacting us online!