July 27, 2017 The Print Authority

Thermography Printing Services: 5 Practical Uses Of Thermography

Thermography printing, or “raised printing,” is a 3D printed effect that resembles engraving, but is less expensive.

The 3D effect is created when wet ink on an offset printed sheet is run through a machine that coats the entire sheet with powdered resin. The powdered resin sticks to the wet ink and is removed from the unprinted areas. The sheet then goes through a heating unit that melts resin, which upon melting, draws up the ink and raises the ink from the paper.

What is thermography printing typically used for? Here are five practical uses for thermography printing.

thermography printing services

Thermography Business cards

Raised ink is perfect for adding something special to your business card. Thermography printing adds texture that looks and feels good for your professional leave behind. Your business card, and your company brand, are sure to stand out from the rest of the crowd with that extra-special look.

Thermography Stationery

The perfect way to personalize stationery is through raised ink. Whether for business or personal, thermography printing is great to make any piece of paper your own. It’s fantastic way to send out personalized letters, and showcase your professionalism and eye for aesthetic all in one go.

Thermography Notecards

Similar to business cards, raised ink looks very aesthetically pleasing on notecards. Raised ink is a great way to personalize what could otherwise look very plain. Notecards can contain information, little fun facts, or miscellaneous information for activities, studying, and the like!

Thermography Wedding Invitations

Want something elegant and personalized for your wedding invitations? For an event as special as a wedding, why not go above and beyond with raised ink on the invites? This will add a touch of classiness and elegance to the piece of paper depicting your big day!

thermography wedding invite

Thermography Greeting Cards

Say hello in the cutest way possible! Your greeting card is sure to attract extra attention with raised ink print. The receiver will find your greeting card meaningful knowing you went the extra mile with your ink choices.

Thermography printing just looks and feels finessed. Contact The Print Authority at (615) 468-2679 to learn more about our thermography printing services, and ask us if your idea is possible! We’ve seen a lot in two-plus decades of being in business, and we’re happy to share our experiences and what has inspired us when it comes to thermography.