August 1, 2019 The Print Authority

Web To Print Portals: Why Every Franchise Should Use Them

Let’s say that you have an important position at a franchising organization and your days are filled to the max. You have quite a few responsibilities: refining your franchise operating system, filling the pipeline with qualified franchisee prospects, developing vendor relationships, overseeing your field team to make sure franchisees live up to their end of the deal, and more! Is there a solution to make these responsibilities easier?

Web to print portals provide print products through online storefronts. Here are the three major reasons why every franchise should use them!

The Top 3 Reasons You Should Use Web To Print Portals


In addition to their usual responsibilities, your team may also be filling orders for printed marketing materials, trade show displays, signage, apparel, and more.

It would thus be advantageous to free up more time to focus on growing the business. You can do this by outsourcing your printing and distributing needs. Focusing on business growth is a great pursuit because it results in additional sales and profits. Moreover, web-to-print fulfillment companies are specialists and thus can fulfill your orders more efficiently.


Although it may seem less expensive to fill orders yourself, a more detailed analysis often reveals the fallacy of this logic. In many cases, when analyzing costs, businesses look only at the operating cost of equipment to fill print orders. In other words, some companies only consider how much it costs to print on paper, disregarding the cost of labor and other costs.

Therefore, the best way to analyze this process is to look at the entire cost of offering printing services. It’s important to consider the capital cost of equipment, labor cost to run the machines, cost of materials, cost of office space, and the time that could be saved doing other productive things if your team were not filling printing orders. This type of analysis often shows that you may actually be saving money by using a web to print service, especially if outsourcing will lower labor costs and your need for office space.


Franchising is all about building your brand and adding value. Although you may be able to fulfill orders, the printed materials may not represent the brand in the best way. Basically, you may have the equipment to get the job done, but it may not be as good as the equipment at a printing company. In the end, quality materials will represent your brand well, and professional web to print companies can fulfill that need.

Just as important, many print fulfillment companies offer high quality, professional design services. Qualified designers will present your company in a more professional light. Moreover, they can also police the brand to ensure all marketing materials are consistent, with all logos and fonts used properly. At the same time, everything is customized to your franchise.

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