October 21, 2019 The Print Authority

Print vs. Digital: Credibility for Your New Business

The credibility of your business will determine whether customers put trust in your brand. Without that trust and respect, it will be much harder to gain customers, make sales, and run a successful business. What’s the best way to give credibility to your business? This article will explore print vs. digital marketing and will explain which is better for establishing credibility!

Print vs. Digital: Does One Give Your Business More Credibility?

Let’s say you are starting up a new business, whether it is a service organization or sandwich shop. Much of the buzz these days focuses on Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, and the like. The digital world beckons and the fastest way to reach customers is to engage them online. Right?

Not so fast. I have personally met many new business owners with a decent digital strategy who struggle to find clients in the first year or two of business. Although the market for digital advertising is vast, it is also super competitive and can be expensive when you get done tallying all of your clicks and what they cost.

It is important to engage customers online, but it is equally important to fully engage the clients and prospects you meet in person and make sure you connect with them in ways that will make them come back. The secret? Good, old fashioned printed materials.

Printing Creates Credibility for your Business or Organization

Printing creates credibility for all businesses–especially for new businesses. Here are some concrete examples of how well-designed printed materials create credibility in everyday interactions:

Menus, Price Lists, and Lists of Services

Most restaurants have menus to describe the dishes being offered and their costs fully. They can be elaborate and full color or a simple black-and-white depending on your market and your needs. Very few restaurants make it without something to connect what they offer and what is costs. You may also consider printing takeout menus and table tents for your restaurant.

Medical Condition Sheets and Pre-Surgical Instructions

Can you imagine getting a diagnosis of any medical condition without something concrete explaining what is going on? Visuals with diagrams and anatomical charts go a long way toward conveying an understanding of what is going on and may put patients at ease.

Channel Guides, Table Tents, and Notepads in Hotel Rooms

When you get to a hotel room in a new city, visual cues in your room can put your mind at ease. Printed hospitality materials frequently explain hotel policies, map out the grounds, show you menus of hotel restaurants, and familiarize you with other businesses in the area. Some hotels take it one step further to have custom printed pens, stationery, bathrobes, or other materials to make guests feel pampered.

Sales Sheets and Sales Booklets

The most successful participants in meetings, trade shows, and conferences always have giveaways to remind prospects who they were and what they offered. Countless sales come about from printed sales sheets, booklets, and brochures. It is easy to forget a vendor who had nothing to hand out at a convention. Sales sheets and brochures also help build confidence with in-person sales calls and meetings!

Welcome Packets for New Customers

There are few better ways to engage with new customers than offering them a welcome packet. Well designed welcome packets may include pocket folders with inserts, custom printed pens, or other promotional products and perhaps a letter from the owner of the company.

Partner With a Quality Printing Company!

When contemplating print vs. digital, custom printed products play an important role in establishing credibility for your business and bridging the gap between a prospect interested in your services and a repeat customer. After all, once you meet someone and show them what you can do, they are much more likely to use your services and become a customer.

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