August 2, 2017 The Print Authority

10 Elegant Fonts For Business Cards

There are hundreds of fonts out there. But don’t worry, we’ve narrowed it down to the best 10 elegant fonts for business cards.

In the professional world, presenting a business card with a clean and polished font contributes to your first impression. The aesthetic of your business card resonates with potential employers or clients, so you want to make sure your card best represents you.

Here are 10 elegant fonts for business cards:

1) Helvetica

Helvetica remains a classic font for a reason, as well as a prime choice when it comes to business cards. The font is simple without being boring, and is currently the most popular and recognizable sans serif font in the world. Due to its neat crafting and visual appeal, it’s truly an all-time favorite.

2) Myriad Pro

Elegant Fonts For Business CardsMuch like its name, Myriad Pro is ultra-professional, and is highly legible with an added bit of flair. The rounded tails on its “y” and“j” give it a stylish look, while the clean look of the uppercase letters adds to its neatness and professionalism.

3) Code

Rounded and blocky, Code prints cleanly and legibly. The large, round, neat block letters make it an attention-grabber, and its sleek angles make it modern and polished. If you want your business card to be elegant with a touch of tasteful modernism, Code is the font for you.

4) Glasgow

Glasgow displays some of the formality of academic fonts like Times Roman. For instance, the lowercase “g” is formal, and the uppercase letters showcase similar formality. As a bonus, the bold version of Glasgow is thick, making the smaller sizes used on business cards perfectly readable.

5) Gotu

For a fun professional twist, try Gotu. The simplicity and softness of this unique font makes it perfect for both headers and body text, deeming it one of the most elegant fonts for business cards.

6) Jura

Can’t choose between serif and sans serif? Go with Jura, which blurs those lines. If you’re looking for a font that walks the line between traditional and elegant alongside modern and minimal, this is the typeface to choose.

7) Trajan

Dig into some classical roots when you decide to use Trajan, inspired by classic Roman letterforms. Trajan’s simple elegance and classicism will help set your business card apart from other cards with traditional fonts while still remaining professional.

8) Futura

Similar to its classic cousin Helvetica, Futura is one of the ultimate sans serif fonts and perfect for business cards. It’s slightly artistic, between its line spacing and wide range of weights and styles. Plus, it’s known for its strength and clarity, so use it to display confidence.

9) Nevis

If you want your business card to stand out, writing your information in Nevis is an excellent choice. This typeface features strong angles, and is especially flashy and eye-catching when used in all caps. Use it to emphasize your name or company on your business card to help you build and maintain a strong yet friendly brand.

10) Campton

Campton is geometric and unconventional. This font is a great way to shake things up and put a spin on what’s typically considered elegant. Your business card will stand out in a fun, current, and relevant way if you opt for Campton.

We hope you enjoyed our suggestions for elegant business card fonts–good luck choosing the perfect one for your personal brand.

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