July 31, 2023 The Print Authority

Top 6 Marketing Strategies in Healthcare

Healthcare providers like you make a difference in people’s lives. By adopting the best printing and marketing strategies in healthcare, you’re able to reach your target audience and improve patient outcomes. 

Through a healthcare marketing strategy with a range of marketing tactics, including print and digital marketing, you can make a great impression and make sure prospective patients think of you the next time they need care. Keep reading to learn about the marketing strategies in healthcare that will give your practice, hospital, or organization a boost!

How to Market Healthcare Services

Regular business marketing and healthcare marketing overlap, but they also have some crucial differences. In healthcare marketing, the stakes are high, and you don’t have the flexibility to mess up. People are trusting you with their lives, which requires holding your marketing to the highest ethical standards. Demonstrate through your marketing materials that you’re aware of the responsibility you hold for patient experiences. 

As well healthcare can be a sensitive topic, so finding the right tone is extremely important. People have a wide range of reasons why they might be hesitant to reach out to receive care, so be sure that all of your marketing materials are welcoming. This helps recipients build trust in your medical practice and choose your services.

Branding is also a vital feature of healthcare marketing, as it solidifies your image as a thought leader and a helpful addition to people’s lives. This is true throughout all of your materials, not only marketing collateral. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective medical marketing strategies to reach out to potential patients directly. Send patients welcome emails when they join your practice that let them know how to reach out to you and help them understand that you want to hear from them. You can also send informative medical care emails to patients in target groups about topics including maternity health, aging gracefully, and stress reduction. 

When it comes to email marketing efforts, let patients choose how much mail they’d like to receive, and be tactful about which topics you bring up in your healthcare marketing campaigns. Some patients might prefer to receive only friendly greetings rather than serious notifications through email, whereas for others, email might be the preferred method of contact. 

Promotional Campaigns

A great promotional campaign can make all the difference for your practice, hospital, or organization. Healthcare promotional campaigns can be as diverse as the number of subfields that make up the medical field, so choosing the right campaign for your niche is an art in and of itself. Take a look at these successful campaigns that both improve patient outcomes and bring positive awareness to a patient base. 

A great healthcare industry advertising campaign strikes a balance: it encourages increased patient health while motivating patients to choose your services over your competitors. One way to find this balance is by focusing on patient health in your materials; by showing that you care about patients, they will trust you and feel encouraged to use your healthcare organization. 

Building Good Reviews

Did you know that 49% of consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family members? In today’s online age, reviews matter more than ever. Of course, reviews are also important feedback for you, so you know how to improve. Make this clear as well to patients, as this lets them know that their opinions and experiences are valuable and their opinions are important to you. 

Build the review process into your healthcare services. Ask for a review as current patients leave the building, or send a follow-up email that links to an online review form. As well, encourage reviews on public websites such as Google so that the public can see the great work your practice is doing. Then, follow up on the reviews by making changes that improve your services. This digital marketing strategy is highly effective for patient acquisition.

Social Media Outreach 

Today, social media is a vital aspect of any marketing campaign, including healthcare marketing. Maintaining an active social media presence assures patients that you will take an equally active stance when it comes to their care, and being present on social media platforms keeps you on patients’ minds and helps them remember you when they’re looking for a provider. 

Social media also provides an environment to interact with the public and help them improve their health. Consider publishing weekly series on Facebook or Instagram stories about how to stay healthy, including quotes from practitioners at your organization. By providing healthcare tips to the public, you make it clear that you care about patient health, and the public will see you as a helpful authority. 

Print Collateral Services

Printed products create the foundation that makes marketing work. From the essentials, such as business cards and patient information brochures, to specialized products, such as prescription pads and medical product brochures, print materials portray you in a positive light to the public. 

If your organization has multiple locations, it’s a good idea to work with a printing company that can offer you a customizable online print portal. Print portals make it easy for staff at each location to order pre-approved collateral, which is shipped directly to them. 

Make sure to work with a professional printing company, as professionally printed products are both higher quality and inspire more confidence than items printed in-house. When deciding on print marketing materials, consult with a reputable printing company that can guide you and help you make choices that make the best impression and are friendly on your budget. 

Healthcare Marketing With The Print Authority 

Clearly, developing your own marketing strategies in healthcare can be a significant undertaking. Luckily, The Print Authority makes it easy for medical services! Since 1991, we’ve partnered with medical practices of all sizes to produce the marketing and operations materials you need. We want to help your healthcare practice help those who need you most. 

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