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How to Use Printed Accounting Marketing Material

Being an accountant or tax preparer has its perks, but it also comes with challenges. Accounting firms often rely too heavily on word of mouth for marketing, leading to slower business growth than firms using more nontraditional marketing forms. It is important for tax preparers to find a niche in their industry to stand out. Accountants are in the position of needing to know who their customers are while at the same time making customers aware of who they are. To do this, innovative accounting professionals need to expand their accountant marketing to include various printed materials that will leave clients curious and wanting more.

Here are ways Accounting firms and tax preparers should use printing to help market the firm and expand their client base.

Accounting and Tax Preparation Marketing Through Print

1. Account Newsletters

Printed accountant newsletters are a great way to update clients. Newsletters should include recent developments in tax law and can introduce new members of the firm. They can also include some of the following:

  • Share cutting edge knowledge from your most recent conference, business meeting, or personal reading.
  • Provide visually engaging content mixed with interesting research that will keep your customers reading.
  • Go into more depth than a typical blog post or email and should include more context.
  • Include contact information and web addresses in every issue.

This is a great way to engage with clients, and remind them why your services are important.

2. Accountant business cards

This may seem obvious, but accountant business cards can be easily overlooked in a firm’s marketing efforts. Paper choice is an obvious place to start, but many accountants fail to explore the full variety of options available. You may want an unusual paper option or paper color to make your cards stand apart, and you could consider using offset printing for your business cards. Most companies use digital printing today, but offset printing gives you a more precise and consistent color than digital printing and will present your logo in the way it was designed. An experienced printing company can advise you on how to best print your business cards.

Designing business cards for accountants

Having a fresh, professional design will make your business cards stand out. A well-designed card should include all contact information without appearing crowded. Don’t forget:

  • business logo
  • name and title
  • firm name
  • phone number
  • email, address
  • website

Your card design should be simple yet inviting and warm for your clients. Printed accountant business cards give clients and prospects an easy way to contact you and access your services. You also appear more professional when handing out a business card, and clients will be more likely to take you seriously.

3. Firm Stationery

Accounting firms still communicate some things on paper, so be sure that all letters go out on professional letterhead and envelopes. To best carry forward your image, be sure your letterhead and envelopes match your accounting firm’s business cards. They should look like “a set” when they are presented together. The best way to do that is to print all three items on matching paper stock with the same ink colors. If you use offset printing, a best practice is to print all stationery items at the same time to ensure consistency.

4. Accounting Firm Brochures

Although your website may be the first way potential clients learn about you, reinforce the message with printed firm brochures. Create a beautiful brochure to:

  • Highlight your team members
  • Identify important specialties of the firm
  • Explain your philosophy

Brochures should present the same look as your website, so clients will begin to pick up your branding. Use professional photography and employ a professional designer if at all possible. You might also want to consider UV Coating, special paper, die cutting or other visual effects that are only possible in the world of print.

5. Custom Presentation Folders

Your printed materials will look more professional when presented inside of a custom printed presentation folder. Use foil stamping, blind embossing or die cutting to give your folder an extra level of interest. Many paper stocks are available for pocket folders, including linen and laid finish stocks and rich, dark colors, which will look great if they blend with your logo and other materials. You can even create folders with sculptured or specially shaped pockets for a unique look.

6. Custom Printed Promotional Items

Promotional items are important additions to your marketing effort. Try creating materials that your clients will keep around and actually use.

Refrigerator magnets can be a free promotional giveaway for customers, and they will last for years to come. Include your logo, phone number, and business name and a nice visual image with colors that catch the eye. The magnet will make your contact information easily accessible and in plain sight.

Phone Wallets are another great giveaway for customers or potential clients. Phone wallets are a small add on that people put on the back of their phone for protection and store driver’s licenses and credit cards. Choose an attractive design that most people will like. Put your logo on the case with the name of your business. These will help promote top of mind awareness of your firm, and people look at their phones every day. This is a great way to impress your customers and get your company’s name visible to potential clients.

There are numerous other printed promotional items like mugs or glassware, printed pens, printed calculators, tote bags and many more!

7. Reminder Postcards

Postcards are another important tax preparation marketing technique. Mail your clients a postcard reminding them that “tax time” is just around the corner. Life is busy, and taxes can be easy to forget. Send the postcard early so that clients have plenty of time to contact you, ask questions, make appointments, etc. Make this postcard simple and provide contact information, so it is easy for clients to reach out to you.

8. Promotional Calendars

Custom printed calendars are a useful gift that can also benefit you. Put your logo, company name, phone number and web address on multiple pages so that customers are always reminded about you and your services. For a truly unique design, use a variety of images in a calendar with a theme. Themes could include:

  • Animals
  • Travel destinations
  • Foods
  • Outdoor scenes
  • and more

You can also include important dates for your business on the calendar, like Tax Day, for example. This calendar is a great gift for customers, and it’s a great marketing tool for you! With any luck, this gift will remain with customers for 12 full months.

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