December 13, 2018 The Print Authority

High Quality Black and White Printing

While many people think that color drives results in marketing and training, don’t forget about high quality black and white printing! Classic black and white prints are a timeless, simple, and cost-effective tool that can really drive results in your business or organization. There’s a reason that black and white printing has remained the go-to since the beginning. If you want to implement this superior style, here are some points to consider:

Increase Credibility

Black and white printing is seen as credible and factual. Remember the saying: “Did you see it in black and white?” Many legal documents and the vast majority of books, newspapers, and online articles are either totally or mostly black and white. Boldly-colored fonts aren’t always the way to grab someone’s attention. In fact, too much vibrancy can take away from the message of your campaign or project. Sometimes a crisp, classic choice is best.

Create Contrast

Black and white text or graphics offer the highest level of contrast when looking at a sheet of paper. This contrast may make it easier to read and easier to distinguish than colored text and graphics. However, some experts think white text on a black background may not be as easy to perceive. If that’s the case for your project, try a larger font or flip the contrast to striking black text on a white background.

Utilize Grayscale Images

You can create grayscale images with black ink on white paper. Grayscale images are the original way that photos were printed when only black ink was available. Since the technology producing screens and halftones (photos) has advanced considerably, you can now produce interesting high-quality imagery with black ink only. Save the colored pictures for photo albums and try out a grayscale image today.

Try Colored Paper

Make printing in black ink more interesting. Using colored paper is an excellent choice to produce elegant book or manual covers or eye-catching flyers. There are a tremendous amount of options to consider, from neon-colored stocks to papers with metallic or mineral finishes. Try out a combination for a truly impactful design.

Stretch Your Budget Further

There can be significant differences between the cost of black and white and color printing. Whether you print to market a company, train your employees, or invite people to an event, you can do it affordably and with excellence with black and white printing. There is no downside to using black and white printing as opposed to its expensive counterpart–colored printing. No one will question your budget, they’ll simply appreciate your classic choice.

The Print Authority

Next time you have an important printing project, consider the valuable role that black and white printing can play. It doesn’t have to be dull! There are plenty of ways to turn black and white printing into a unique and bold project. If you need help deciding on which of the above tactics to use, contact the experts at The Print Authority to guide you through the process. Call or email us today!