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8 Graphic Design Essentials for Every Hotel

8 Graphic Design Essentials for Every Hotel

Whether it’s for a vacation or staycation, people come to hotels to relax. How do they decide which hotel, though? If it’s not based on past experience or word-of-mouth, it will likely be by advertising and marketing. If your hotel’s logo and branding isn’t attractive or memorable, it won’t reel anyone in. Here are 8 graphic design essentials for every hotel to keep in mind when branding your business and attracting visitors.

Graphic Design Essentials for Every Hotel

Know Your Audience

Hotels operate in a competitive industry, so it’s essential to know who your competitors are to distinguish your brand and artwork. Also know who you’re trying to attract. Families? Couples? That will help determine what kind of message and design you want to send out.

Adaptability and Flexibility

Every hotel has a style, colors, fonts and graphics that they like. Although it’s important to stick to your brand, it’s also important to create artwork that’s perfect for your target markets. That doesn’t mean you have to constantly change your logo. When you do promotions, try to change things up a bit to reach different audiences.


Fonts are very important to your brand and to communicate your message. Choose wisely! You want something that is easy to read, but fits the personality of your hotel. For example, if you want your hotel to be seen as elegant, consider a cursive font. Be careful, though, as cursive can often be difficult to read if it gets too fancy.


Colors cause emotion in people and can have hidden meaning. Blue, for example, is known to be a calming color, and would be a good choice if you want to make people feel calm when they think of your hotel.

Keep it Simple

Keep to the core message. These days, every hotel is trying to grab the attention of the same customers every single day, so make sure they get what you are saying instantly with enticing minimal images, easy to read fonts, and design.

Negative Space

Don’t be afraid of negative space! Clean designs can actually be quite successful. In other words, don’t overfill your design. Clutter is never a good thing.


Layout is the placement of text and images on a design. When placing text and images, it’s important to make sure the main focus of the design is in fact the main focus and stands out and attracts the attention that it is meant to.


If something isn’t working, go back to the beginning and focus on the target markets and the key message you’re trying to convey. If necessary, brainstorm with everyone in the office! See what they have to say. Someone might look at it in a different way than you do.

Do you have any questions about these graphic design essentials for every hotel? Let us know! Our team of professional graphic designers is happy to help.

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