January 27, 2023 The Print Authority

Perfect Binding [How To, Use, and Top Perfect Bind Services]

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as opening up a brand-new paperback book. But did you know that perfect binding, the binding method used in paperback books, is one of the most practical and affordable binding styles? In this article, we’ll talk all about perfect binding, discussing how it’s done, the top benefits of perfect binding, and more!


What is Perfect Binding?

If the term “perfect binding” sounds unfamiliar, no need to worry; you encounter perfect-bound books all the time, even if you didn’t know the term. Simply put, perfect binding is the type of binding used in soft-cover books. However, it’s not limited to books — some magazines, including National Geographic, are also perfect-bound. 

Perfect binding adds a clean look to your book, as it is a more durable binding than some other common bindings, such as saddle stitch binding. 

The Perfect Binding Process

Perfect binding is one of the most common binding styles due to its stylish look and easy assembly process. Here’s how a perfect bound book is created. 

  • Finalize. A perfect-bound book cannot be changed once it has been printed, so the first step is to make sure the content of your book is completely finished.
  • Send. Once you’ve finished your book, email it to your printing company in a common format such as PDF. Now your job is done, and the printing company will take care of the rest. 
  • Print. The printing company will print the interior pages of the book (the book block) and the cover. They will score the cover paper so it more easily fits around the interior pages. 
  • Clamp and glue. The interior pages of the book are clamped together, and a thick layer of strong glue is applied to the book block. The cover is then attached to the rest of the book, and pressure is applied while the glue dries on the square spine. 
  • Trim. Once the glue has cured completely, and the pages and spine are completely attached, the three edges of the book are trimmed. Then, you will have a finished book!

Once your perfect bound book has been printed, the printing company will distribute it to your desired recipients. And that’s it! It’s a simple process. 

Perfect Binding: The Benefits

Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why perfect binding might be the best choice for your project.


Perfect binding is one of the most affordable binding styles. It is cheaper than hardcover binding and can be used on small print runs, which makes it a great option in almost any situation.

Flat Spine

Perfect-bound books have smooth, flat printable spines. Depending on the number of pages in the book and therefore the spine’s thickness, you can include text on the spine of the book, which is therefore easy to read on a bookshelf. This is great if you are printing comic books, art books, or novels. The flat spine also means that the books lay flat, which makes stacking, storage, and shipping easy. 

When to Use Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is the best option for a wide range of products. It works well for any type of book that is 40 pages or more, up to books that are about two inches thick. This means that all sorts of materials, including smaller booklets, full-length books, music books, zines, and training manuals are all great candidates for perfect binding. 

Perfect binding works best for products that won’t need future edits, since the binding is permanent. Its sleek design makes it a great choice for books that will be stored on bookshelves. 

Getting The Best Out of Perfect Binding Services 

Partnering with a professional printing company like The Print Authority makes receiving your perfect bound books easy. Here are some tips that will help us help you make your books a reality. 

  1. It’s important to include a large inside margin so that text doesn’t get lost towards the spine. Be sure to include a margin that is at least 0.75” to ensure that all of your text is readable.
  2. Send high-quality PDF files. Your print quality can only be as clear as the files you send to your printer, so make sure to send a PDF in as high a quality as possible. You don’t want your book to be pixelated!
  3. Ask for what you want. If you have specific requests or ideas about your books, we can help you make them a reality! 

Perfect Binding With The Print Authority

If you’re thinking about printing your own perfect bound books, The Print Authority is ready to help! Since 1991, we’ve provided printing services for businesses of all sizes, including perfect bound books for companies in a wide variety of sectors. 

We offer a wide range of cover and text papers, as well as offset and digital printing, so we can print on the paper that makes your project look the best. We love seeing our clients succeed! 

To get started printing modern books with perfect binding, contact The Print Authority online or give us a call at 615-468-2679!