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How to Get Free Referrals for Your Franchise

Do you need to get referrals for your franchise, but want to do it as cost-efficient as possible?

Our team at The Print Authority has had the opportunity to meet and interact with franchisees and learn about their challenges first hand.

In this article, we are going to share some helpful information to help you get free referrals!

Is Online Advertising Effective at Getting Referrals?

In today’s digital age, it is easy for new franchisees to be enchanted by online advertising. Pay per click (PPC) advertising is everywhere and Search Engine Optimization offers many other ways to connect with customers online.

Some digital services vendors offer “leads” to franchisees eager to find new business. These leads are typically provided for a fixed amount per lead, but the cost of leads varies widely. Some lead providers send leads to multiple companies so they can each bid on the job.

In the end, a lead provider’s pitch can be enticing. For a small amount of money, many digital advertisers will give you referrals to build your business.

While online advertising can be used successfully, as a franchisee you need to analyze whether these leads are profitable and whether they will help your business get off the ground. Most new franchisees have little staff, seemingly making it easier to rely on online leads to make the business grow.

At the same time, many franchisees struggle to get infant businesses off the ground using primarily online advertising.

So how can you get free referrals that work effectively?

How to Get Free Referrals to Grow Your Franchise

While there are many ways to grow your business, it is important not to ignore the tried and true methods. Although getting leads from satisfied customers may not be as fast as online advertising, many of your loyal customers are happy to refer friends and neighbors without a referral fee.

It’s important to note that online advertising is important and plays a huge roll in getting referrals. However, obtaining referrals offline is often more cost-effective in the long run, even if it takes a little extra work. The important thing is to generate repeat business which will grow your company!

So, how do you get free referrals? Check out these tips on how to get free referrals:

Go the Extra Mile

Go above and beyond by doing excellent work for new clients! This sounds simplistic, but when you blow new customers away with service, go above and beyond their expectations, and show them you care about their business, you will surely generate free referrals!

Develop Relationships with New Clients

Again, don’t settle for just getting the job done. Get to know clients so you can relate to them on a personal level. The personal touch is missing in many business interactions these days, so you are likely to stand out when you add a personal touch. For example, handwritten thank-you notes show customers you care about them and their business.

Create Ways to Solicit Referrals From Clients

Make referrals easy by actively asking customers when they express that they are happy with your work. Giving them a physical copy of something can help.

For instance, hand out referral cards for customers to give to friends or reward referrals with a discount off a future job. Physical coupons or cards help reinforce your message and keep your name in front of your customers. Another approach is to call clients after a job is done to make sure they are happy and to ask for more business.

Join Networking Organizations

Join Chambers of Commerce and other networking organizations to help spread the word. Although there are membership fees, they may cost less than PPC or online advertising over the long run. Hand out brochures or flyers and have a display to help market your services.

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