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17 Best Fonts For Business Cards That Leave an Impression

In the professional world, presenting a business card with a clean and polished font elevates your first impression. Your business card’s aesthetic resonates with potential employers or clients, so make sure your card best represents you.

There are hundreds of fonts out there, though, so choosing a font for your business card might seem overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’ve narrowed it down to the 17 best fonts for business cards. We’ll also explain some other tips, such as how to pair multiple fonts together and whether to choose a serif or sans serif font. Let’s get started!

What To Consider As You Choose A Font

best fonts for business cards

Choosing a font is one of the most important steps of designing a business card. Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Originality: Your business card should stand out from the pack. Take a look at the fonts of others in the industry and look for ways that you can build a distinctive brand.
  • Emotional Response: What type of emotions do you want your business to evoke? For some, it’s happiness and excitement. For others, evoking trust is essential. Fonts can help convey these emotions, so keep this in mind when selecting your font.
  • Readability: There’s no getting around it. Some fonts are simply easier to read than others! Don’t sacrifice readability for originality. We’ll explain some of the best, most readable fonts later in this article.
  • Brand Symbolism: Your business card font is a metaphor for your business. Choose a font that matches your company’s mode of operations. For example, a construction company might want to choose a font that’s large and sturdy, just like the houses they build.
  • Feedback: Before you finalize your font choice, ask colleagues for their opinions about the options you’re considering. They might have feedback that you would never have thought of!

Now that you know how to choose a business card font, let’s move on to the difference between serif and sans serif fonts.

Serif vs. Sans Serif for Business Cards

best fonts for business cards

When exploring fonts, one of your first choices is whether to use a serif or a sans serif font. Serif fonts have “serifs,” or small decorative lines at the ends of letters. Serif fonts are traditional and promote an image of respectability.

Sans serif fonts, on the other hand, don’t have those small strokes, and the widths of letters are typically more uniform. This gives sans serif fonts a modern feel.

Typically, sans serif fonts are a useful choice for business cards, as they are easier to understand at a glance. They are the perfect choice when you’re looking for a font that’s sleek, clean, and easy to read.

17 Best Fonts for Business Cards

best fonts for business cards

Now comes the exciting part: looking at good business card fonts! Here are some of the best business card fonts we’ve found.

Sans Serif Fonts for Business Cards

Take a look at these sans serif business card fonts.

1) Helvetica

Helvetica remains a classic font for a reason, as well as a prime choice when it comes to business cards. The font is simple without being boring and is currently the most popular and recognizable sans serif font in the world. Due to its neat crafting and visual appeal, it’s truly an all-time favorite.

2) Myriad Pro

Much like its name, Myriad Pro is ultra-professional and is highly legible with an added bit of flair. The rounded tails on its “y” and“j” give it a stylish look, while the clean look of the uppercase letters adds to its neatness and professionalism.

3) Code

Rounded and blocky, Code prints cleanly and legibly. The large, round, neat block letters make it an attention-grabber, and its sleek angles make it modern and polished. If you want your business card to be elegant with a touch of tasteful modernism, Code is the font for you.

4) Glasgow

Glasgow displays some of the formality of academic fonts like Times Roman. For instance, the lowercase “g” is formal, and the uppercase letters showcase similar formality. As a bonus, the bold version of Glasgow is thick, making the smaller sizes used on business cards perfectly readable.

5) Jura

Can’t choose between serif and sans serif? Go with Jura, which blurs those lines. If you’re looking for a font that walks the line between traditional and elegant alongside modern and minimal, this is the typeface to choose.

6) Futura

Similar to its classic cousin Helvetica, Futura is one of the ultimate sans serif fonts and perfect for business cards. It’s slightly artistic, between its line spacing and wide range of weights and styles. Plus, it’s known for its strength and clarity, so use it to display confidence.

7) Nevis

If you want your business card to stand out, writing your information in Nevis is an excellent choice. This typeface features strong angles and is especially flashy and eye-catching when used in all caps. Use it to emphasize your name or company on your business card to help you build and maintain a strong yet friendly brand.

8) Campton

Campton is geometric and unconventional. This font is one of the best fonts for business cards to shake things up and put a spin on what’s typically considered elegant. Your business card will stand out in a fun, current, and relevant way if you opt for Campton.

9) Ratio

Ratio is smooth and sleek. It’s modern look makes it perfect for business and technology business cards, showing that you understand contemporary trends. This font demonstrates that you’re looking towards the future.

10) Arthura

Arthura’s simple geometry is stylish, and its humanist nuance adds warmth as well. This font draws readers in, increasing their interest in your business. Its bold “Black” style is particularly impressive on a business card.

11) Quicksand

Don’t worry about getting stuck in this quicksand! This font is slight and quirky, bringing a unique balance to your business card. With well-spaced characters and even character widths, this artistic font brings readers back for more.

12) Raleway

Raleway is the perfect mix of modernity and antiquity. It has flair and attitude, yet it maintains an elegance that’s impossible to miss. Raleway uses sleek lines, helping you present yourself in the best light and attract all kinds of customers.

Serif Fonts For Business Cards

Take a look at the best business card serif fonts. Here are some top options.

13) Gotu

For a fun and professional twist, try Gotu. The simplicity and softness of this unique font make it perfect for both headers and body text, deeming it one of the most elegant fonts for business cards.

14) Trajan

Dig into some classical roots when you decide to use Trajan, inspired by classic Roman letterforms. Trajan’s simple elegance and classicism will help set your business card apart from other cards with traditional fonts while remaining professional.

15) Reptile

The font Reptile was inspired by snakes and other reptiles. This unique font has a modern look with angled serifs, which catch the reader’s eye. This font makes readers curious about your business card and leaves them wanting to learn more.

16) Butler

When you want an all-purpose font, look no further than Butler. This font is stylish and versatile, making it a great choice for any business card. Its 334 characters, 7 regular weights, and 7 stencil weights make it perfect for business cards in a variety of languages and sectors.

17) Corporative slab

Corporative slab makes a statement. This font is big and blocky, using big “shoes” or slabs on the end of its letters. On your business card, this font is perfect for the name of your business. Combine it with a smaller complementary font for an innovative business card that readers remember.

best fonts for business cards

Font Combination Tips For Business Cards

You want your business card to look dynamic and attract attention, and one top way to do that is by using two or even three fonts on your business card. Including multiple fonts will contribute more intrigue and variation to your design, making others more likely to pay attention. With so many fonts to choose from, however, which ones are the best for your business card?

In our opinion, it’s always best to choose fonts that complement each other and work in harmony. This might mean combining a serif and a sans serif font, a thinner one and a thicker one, or a blocky font with a font that looks like handwriting. Some combinations of the best fonts for business card designs include:

  • Futura and LFT Etica
  • Fira Sans and Merriweather
  • Spectral and Karla
  • Chivo and Overpass
  • Satisfy and Open Sans

Check out and Font Pair for even more stellar font combinations.

Using two different weights of the same font is also a great option. This promotes unity while still allowing for increased dynamics and more excitement.

While we think that up to three well-chosen fonts will make your business card more engaging, try not to use more than three fonts so that your business card remains uncluttered and easy to read. Other than that, feel free to explore and experiment with any combination you like!

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