September 20, 2017 The Print Authority

How to Market your Business with Car Magnets

Marketing your business is the key to growing your business. But there are a thousand different ways to do this, and narrowing it down can be the hard part. Sometimes finding a unique marketing niche can be best for a fresh spin on advertising. Car magnet business marketing is a fantastic way to spread the word about your company, while getting your message out to an unlimited number of people everyday.

Stick to Simple Designs

Keep in mind that your car magnets will need to grab people’s attention right away. Your design should be simple and to the point. People driving by will have a short window of time to read your information. It is best to include your company name or logo, along with an easy to read phone number and website address. Large print works best, in addition to bold fonts and contrasting colors. Always make sure your are choosing a magnet that is large enough for people to see from a distance.

It is best not to pack too much information onto your car magnet. There’s no time to read lengthy, wordy sentences while driving. So do your best to simplify your business into one simple line. This line should explain briefly what your company does. Without this information, potential customers might not understand what your company has to offer.

Oh, the Versatility!

The practical thing about car magnets is their versatility. Magnets are easily removable, which means you can change your message, offer, or promotion whenever you like. You could switch them out with the seasons, or offer special holiday promotions throughout the year. Car magnets are great for limited-time offers, and other such rotations.

Car magnets are an inexpensive alternative to vehicle wrap arounds and car decals. They are less permanent, less expensive and can be easily removed. There is no need to settle into one image, one message, or one design. You can be as versatile as you like, and switch things up whenever you please.

Car magnets can be used on a fleet of vehicles. They’re replaceable signs so nothing is permanent. In this case, you could partner up with medical transports, couriers, food delivery services, landscaping and other local businesses. Using companies that require lots of driving helps your magnets spread the word. Offering partnerships and exchanging services also give your company the benefit of word of mouth advertising. This provides a great opportunity for you to connect with other local businesses. Connecting with local businesses is always a good marketing idea.

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