March 11, 2019 The Print Authority

Top 10 Tastiest Restaurant Branding Examples

We all have that one favorite restaurant that we think of dining out. If not for the delicious food, maybe it was the quality of service you received, the ornate menu you ordered from, or the memorable logo. After all, if the restaurant’s branding is memorable patrons are more likely to remember your restaurant.

Restaurant branding is the silent voice of your business. The tastiest restaurants spend a great deal of time, and money, branding their company’s to create a consistent voice and personality across all locations. These businesses pay special attention to their logo, menus, uniforms, online presence, imagery, promotional materials, and more. Take a look at some of tastiest restaurant branding examples, you’ll probably recognize a few.

Fast Food


restaurant branding

Credit: @mcdonalds

We’re starting our list of the tastiest branding examples with one of most recognizable fast-food eateries in the world. Show anyone the infamous golden arches and you’ll get a quick and precise response. We’re loving this restaurant red and gold palette — simple, but effective.




Credit: @innout

Almost as recognizable as McDonald’s, In-N-Out has gathered a cult following for its animal style fries and decked burgers. However, it’s hard not to recognize its signature red palm trees branded across its food containers, and promotional materials. Even more iconic, its paper boat hats that crew members graciously handout to patrons.



restaurant branding

Credit: @chipotle

We can recognize a Chipotle tortilla chip paper bag anywhere. The paper packaging at Chipotle are memorable because of its fun fact covered paper goods. Plastered on paper cups and takeout bags Chipotle reinforces its ‘good-for-you’ mentality with fun facts ranging from where the food is sourced to what you can do to help the environment.  Just remember, guac is extra!




Sit Down

Buffalo Wild Wings

restaurant branding

Credit: @bwwings

The sports bar has established its reputation on its wide-range of wings. The restaurants overall brand is a great example of consistent and recognizable branding from the matching jersey uniforms to its canary yellow takeout boxes.




Cheesecake Factory

restaurant branding

Credit: @cheescakefactory

The Cheesecake is something of an enigma, but ask anyone where they might find a tasty slice of cheesecake and they’ll probably answer the Cheesecake Factory. This restaurant is memorable for many reasons like its ancient-Egypt-meets-Vegas-strip decor or its expansive menu.





restaurant branding

Credit: @chilis

A baby boomer favorite, Chili’s is best recognized by its iconic logo design — a large chili pepper! The rustic image embossed on high-quality materials gives the restaurant a friendly yet simple charisma.



Olive Garden

restaurant branding

Credit: @olivegarden

Family-friendly restaurant Olive Garden is known for more than it’s endless breadsticks. Its endless menu of customer favorites and full-color picture menus. Down to the colors and typography, Olive Garden has created a consistent Italian-themed personality and brand.





Fine Dining

Maggiano’s Little Italy

restaurant branding

Credit: @maggioanoslittleitaly

Maggiano’s Little Italy has transformed family dining. It expanded its customer base with its carryout program; however, has maintained its reputation as a fine dining restaurant with its true-to-brand, and upscale paper goods.




Yard House

restaurant branding

Credit: @yardhouse

When it comes to fine dining, it comes down to the ambiance and the experience. From cocktail menus to happy hour promotions, Yard House branding embodies premium service and elegance.



Mastro’s Restaurant

restaurant branding

Credit: @mastrosofficial

Quality and attention to detail down to its logo and guest check presenter is why Mastro’s Restaurant finishes this list of the top tastiest restaurant branding. The branding is simple; however, the quality of its materials are far superior to what you’d find at a lower-end sit-down restaurant or fast food restaurant.




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