April 18, 2017 The Print Authority

Specialty Products All Franchises Should Print

Specialty Products All Franchises Should Print

If you own a franchise, it’s important to make sure you have the right print fulfillment printing service to boost your business. Think about what will make your shop stand out and what ways you can get people talking about you. Here are some specialty products all franchises should print.

Specialty Products All Franchises Should Print

Window Clings

Does your store have big windows? Utilize them. Print some window clings to display your products, specials, and even your hours. Make them big and bold to catch the eyes of passersby and draw them in to see what you’re all about.


It’s probably pretty safe to assume all of your customers have a fridge at home. Because of this, magnets are a great way to put yourself in front of them every day. Just a small, flat magnet with your address, hours, and phone number on it makes it convenient for customers to get your info. This is especially helpful for restaurants, as people often call to make reservations, put in a pickup order, or ask for delivery.

Loyalty/Club Cards

What better way to get people back in than by a rewards program? Get these printed on plastic to make sure they last a while.


Make sure people know they bought the product from your store by printing stickers and labels with your store’s name on them. Pricing, sales, product descriptions, and much more can be done with labels.

Promotional Products

Sale Signs

Let people know where the best deals are with signs to point the way. Tell them what promotions are happening on what days of the week or month with big, obvious signs.


Make it comfortable and people will wear your gear around town. That’s some great free advertising. Even a design as simple as your logo is enough to subtly get your company’s image in the brains of hundreds, maybe even thousands of people.


Even with today’s technology, people still need to use a physical pen to write something down every once in a while. When they use it and share it people will see your logo or read your slogan. Pens can pass through many hands, and if there’s something interesting on the pen, chances are the user will check it out. Plus, they’re easy to pass out.

Mailing Services

Send things like company updates and coupons straight to your customers’ mailbox. As they go through their mail, they’ll come across your name and be reminded of you or look through the pamphlet to see what coupons they can use next time they go shopping. Even if they don’t need to go to your store, the right coupon might make them stop by anyway.

Custom Envelopes

Don’t send your mail in a boring, run-of-the-mill, plain envelope. Print your company’s name and logo right onto them to make them stand out.

Do you have any questions about these specialty products all franchises should print? Let us know! We can help you with your franchise’s printing needs.

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