May 14, 2021 The Print Authority

Short Run Book, Catalog, and Magazine Printing

Congratulations, you’ve finished writing and formatting a new book, booklet, or catalog! Time for the next step: deciding whether to use short run or long run printing. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about short run printing and help you determine if it’s the right choice for you.

What is Short Run Book Printing?

Printing can be divided into two main categories: short run and long run. Short run printing is sometimes defined as printing between a dozen and two thousand copies. Long run printing usually consists of more than two thousand copies. The exact dividing line between short run and long run printing varies based on the details of each particular job (physical size, number of colors, turnaround on the job, etc.). Both types of printing have their own advantages and can be used in different situations.

Short run book printing is an attractive printing option. No matter the printed product you’ve created, short run printing offers you flexibility, speed, and affordability. Short run catalog printing makes marketing cost-efficient, and short run booklet printing provides flexible marketing and training materials that help your company succeed.

When To Use Short Run Printing

Here are some situations when short run printing is the way to go.

Easy Book Printing

Short run book printing is the perfect option for independent publishers. You can order as many copies as you want, with enough for yourself, your friends and family, and copies to sell, without being saddled with more copies than you need. If you’re a self-publisher, you’ll find that short run book printing is the easy choice. Of course, if you sell out of your first printing, your printer can easily print more!

Manageable Training Manuals

Print just enough training manuals for your new hires with short run booklet printing. You’ll have enough supplies for your employees without overstocking, and sending fewer copies to franchise locations and branches decreases shipping costs.

Built-In Flexibility

Short run printing is highly flexible. Since you’re printing fewer copies at a time, you can change your product without making thousands of copies obsolete. You can even use short run on-demand printing, which is a truly flexible printing style.

Why Short Run Printing Is Beneficial

If you’re trying to decide between short run printing and long run printing, here are some reasons why short run printing might be the right choice.

With short run printing, there’s no minimum order. You can choose exactly how many copies you need, whether that’s twenty-five or seven hundred. Some great short run book printing items include yearbooks, music books, and self-published softcover books. Franchises can use short run catalog printing to create seasonal marketing materials without the worry of printing too many copies.

It’s also cost-efficient. In particular, short run digital printing is extremely affordable. Offset printing is only cost-efficient in long run printing because the printing company must create plates for each specific page, which adds up quickly. Digital printing, on the other hand, is affordable when printing a small number of copies. As well, shipping for short run orders is cheaper because you’re shipping fewer items.

Finally, short run printing is speedy. Since short run printing leads to smaller numbers or copies, they’re able to be printed faster and can get to you, your franchisees, and your locations quickly. Plus, digital printing is a faster process than offset printing, particularly when printing a product with many original pages.

Let The Experts Help

When you’re ready to explore short run printing, the professionals at The Print Authority are here to help! With decades of experience in short run book, booklet, and magazine printing for all sectors, we know the ins and outs and are ready to print your next project. We can also help you decide whether short run printing or long run printing is a better option for your specific project. If you want to learn more, give us a call at (615) 468-2679 or contact us online!