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Property Management Marketing Materials for Apartments

Spectacular marketing is the key to any property management company’s success. Your most effective marketing materials fall into three main groups: aids for potential renters, materials that increase community visibility, and branded items that serve as reminders of your business. Here are ten property management marketing materials that invigorate each of these areas!

10 Property Management Marketing Materials That Leave an Impression

1. Property Booklets

Make a stellar first impression with professionally printed property booklets. With ample space for pictures, floorplans, and in-depth information about all of your units, booklets let you present your buildings in all their glory.

How to use it: The most effective booklets are well-designed and sophisticated. Enlist a professional designer such as The Print Authority who can print on coated paper and consider spiral binding, which will make your booklet easy to read.


Everyone who tours your apartments receives your apartment marketing flyers, making them a vital piece of the marketing puzzle. They distill an apartment down to its essence: what is the most important information that any potential renter needs to know? Be sure to mention it here.

How to use it: Be sure to include an eye-catching photo, important statistics such as square footage, number of beds and bathrooms, price, and your company’s name and contact information.

3. Floor Plans and Maps

Along with apartment marketing flyers, floor plans and maps are your most important property management marketing materials. Potential renters will keep your floor plans and maps and compare them to other properties, so your materials need to instill more excitement and interest than your competitors’.

How to use it: Print floor plans and maps in color and on glossy paper, and make them easy to read. Clients will be able to better remember your properties and will be more likely to stay interested.

4. Brochures

Your property brochures balance length and detail. Include pictures, prose, and facts that draw a complete picture of your units.

How to use it: A bifold or trifold brochure gives you ample space for pictures and in-depth description. Use easy-to-understand language that invites readers to learn more about your properties.

5. Yard Signs

Yard signs are apartment marketing supplies that both increase your properties’ visibility to new potential clients and remind apartment hunters who already know about your listing.

How to use it: Yard signs are versatile. In addition to including “For Rent,” you can add your business’s name and phone number, open viewing days, and rental prices.

6. Door Hangers

Door hangers are highly visible, making them the perfect technique to raise your business’s profile within your target demographic. An effective door hanger includes your company or building name, contact information, basic information about your apartments, and a photo or two.

How to use it: Distribute door hangers in a neighborhood where residents could be interested in your apartments. Targeting based on neighborhood demographics and your city’s relocation trends will work wonders!

7. Banners

Banners are incredibly versatile marketing tools. From standing banners inside your leasing office to vinyl banners mounted on chain-link fences, apartment signs and banners are larger-than-life and provide key information. Well-placed banners can drastically increase your community profile!

How to use it: Keep your intended locations in mind as you design your banners. A vinyl banner might only say your name and website, whereas a leasing office banner might have a catchy slogan welcoming potential renters to your building.

8. Water Bottle Labels

Everyone uses water bottles, making a well-designed water bottle label a boon to your business. Distributing them to potential renters when they tour apartments or visit your leasing office will serve as a reminder of your hospitality.

How to use it: It’s easy and cheap to print water bottle labels and place them on water bottles yourselves. Make sure to include your well-designed logo!

9. Notepads

Notepads are a winning property management marketing material. They give potential renters a physical reminder of your company, who will think of you each time they write a note. You can’t go wrong!

How to use it: Include your name and logo in color, and the rest of the design is flexible. Lined or unlined, number of pages, paper weight: The Print Authority can help you decide what works best for you!

10. Business Cards

Business cards are an evergreen marketing tool; customers can’t rent from you if they don’t know how to contact you! A well-designed business card increases your professionalism and puts you miles ahead of the competition.

How to use it: This one’s pretty easy: simply distribute your business card each time you meet a new potential renter. You can’t go wrong!

Print Your Apartment Marketing Supplies With a Professional Printer!

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