January 10, 2018 The Print Authority

Make it Great: Printing Your Company Mission Statement

A mission statement defines the culture and vision of your company. It even plays a role in the day-to-day happenings in your office. Make a printed company mission statement the first thing people see when they step into your office or see your building.

Why Print A Company Mission Statement?

Do you really need a visible mission statement in your office? The answer is yes. More and more employees are looking for companies to have values and have purpose. Having a definitive mission statement is huge when it comes to letting people know what your company stands for. When people come into your office, you want them to see your mission statement up on the walls. You want them to to know that your mission statement is ingrained in the culture. It’s not all about the words…to achieve the ultimate effect you will need to have it professionally printed and appropriately branded. That’s where the printer comes in.

Where To Begin

Selecting a printer is a huge factor when it comes to making an impact with printing a company mission statement. The style, the cut and the colors all play a role in how people feel when they see it on your walls. 

The first step is measuring the space you want your mission statement to live on. It’s also a good idea to know exactly what you want to it say. Next, you will want to find a printer. Research top printers who provide the services you need. Some printers have graphic designers on staff to help your vision come to life and help you decide on design. Also, hire a printer that’s an expert in styles, cuts and colors. The printer should also be able to give guidelines on the best way to hang your printed mission statement. 

The Print Authority

The Print Authority has over 25 years of experience in printing. We also have graphic designers on staff to capture your vision in the mission statement. A unique feature of The Print Authority is our on demand system where printed materials are stored in an online portal so you can order branded materials as you need them. Contact us at (615) 468-2679 or by filling out the form to learn more about printing a company mission statement and other business items.