February 8, 2017 The Print Authority

Offset Printing Problems: 5 Common Occurences

Here is a brief list of potential problems which can occur in offset printed pieces. Most of these can be avoided with conscientious press operators, well maintained equipment and proper job scheduling.

Offsetting. This occurs when the ink from the top of one sheet imprints the back of the sheet immediately above it. This occurs when offset printed sheets are cut before the ink is dry.

Ghosting. This occurs when a “ghost” of an image appears in a different part of the page. This happens sometimes when a printing company runs a job on a press which cannot handle a large enough solid area.

A Grainy Look. When solid type or a solid area looks spotty or grainy, usually this means the rollers on a press need to be cleaned.

Poor Registration on Spot Color jobs. When multiple colors do not line up correctly, sometimes unexpected gaps appear. This is the result of either an improperly trained press operator or a job being run on the wrong type of press.

Poor Registration of Full Color jobs. This occurs when red or another color is visible on the edges of images. Typically, this means that the plates were not lined up properly before beginning the job. It may also indicate that a four color process job is being run either on the wrong type of press or using improper plates.

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