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10 Wall Graphics Ideas For Franchises

Wall Graphics Ideas For Franchises

There are many ways to make your franchise stand out, and one way you can get really creative is with wall graphics. By customizing your own graphics, you can show the personality of your business and make sure your message is known. Here are some wall graphics ideas made possible through our franchise printing services.

10 Wall Graphics Ideas For Franchises

1. Display Your Logo

Proudly show your logo inside. Make it big and bold to catch your customers’ eyes. It is the forefront of your business, after all.

2. Fun Sayings

Put up some fun sayings on your wall to keep things relaxed and easygoing in your place of business. They can be quotes from celebrities or historical figures, or they can be simple things like, “Life is short. Eat dessert first.” Displaying sayings like this can show who you are as a business, set the tone, and can help people connect with you.

3. Maps

Maps can be a great addition for shops that get their products from different places around the world. Put up a map wall graphic and point out where certain items come from. For example, some coffee shops will say where their different coffee beans come from and describe the flavors that are unique to that region.

4. Timelines

If your business has an interesting history behind it, display a timeline wall graphic that takes your customers on a journey through the past. People enjoy a good origin story, especially when it started from something pretty small.

5. Just A Word

Is there one word that has always motivated you and your team? Put it up! Not only will it be a constant reminder of why you all work so hard every day, but it will also potentially spark a little interest in your customers. Then perhaps that word will stick with them, and they’ll start to associate your store with that word.

6. Products You Sell

Display some of your most prized products. For example, if you’re a restaurant, put up some nice graphics of the foods you sell. They don’t have to necessarily be actual photos. Use some nice drawings of the types of food you sell to visually display what options customers have. And of course, our restaurant menu printing services open up some great options as well.

7. Just A Design

You don’t have to get specific about anything in particular. You can always just go for a simple design to decorate your walls. This will help add some character to your walls if you’re not interested in putting up art pieces.

8. A Design That Depicts What You Do

If you run a specialty business, put up a design that represents what it is you do. For example, if you run a comic book store, you can put up graphics of different superheroes or other comic book characters.

9. Skyline

Show appreciation for the city in which you live! Putting up a wall graphic of the city skyline can be a beautiful addition to any shop. It’s a serene scene that is representative of getting away to watch the sun rise or set over your beloved home.

10. Directions

Use wall graphics to point people in the right direction. Let them know where certain items are located, where to order, or even where the restrooms are. This can be a more interesting or fun way to let people know where to go instead of just using signs.

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