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Legal Printing Services for Law Firm Operation & Marketing

Law firms today face the dual challenges of presenting themselves professionally and attracting a high level of new business. It is crucial to market your firm effectively without sacrificing your integrity. Printing is one of the keys to presenting yourself and your firm the right way. This article looks at various legal printing services that law firms can successfully use for their daily operations and marketing efforts to build a brand and attract new clients.

Legal Printing Services for Law Firm Operations

Despite advances in digital technology, email, and the internet, printed communications still play a role in legal practice. Why? Although printing’s role in communications has changed over the last several decades, there is still a strong role for print in legal communications. One big reason is that printed communications sometimes make a bigger impact than emails, which can be quickly lost, forgotten, or relegated to spam. A second reason is that some contracts and other legal documents require legal notices to be distributed via mail. Mail to physical addresses is sometimes viewed as more reliable and certain than email –email addresses are not universally available to the public, and they are not as definite and unchangeable as physical addresses. Let’s take a look at a list of printing which law firms use in everyday communications below.

Letterhead and Envelopes

Once the mainstay of legal communications, law firm letterhead and envelopes still play an important role. Although letterhead and envelopes are old hat for many law firms, innovation has crept into legal printing. Traditionally, law firms used engraved letterhead and envelopes. Engraving is a very old-fashioned printing method involving ink and a metal plate, which gives the printing a three-dimensional feel. Many law firms have migrated away from engraving and toward thermography, a simpler process that still has a three-dimensional feel. Some law firms have dropped these processes altogether in favor of offset printing. Offset printing is more cost-effective and faster and, coupled with high-level design, can really represent law firms. Regardless of the printing method, it is extremely important to have a well-designed logo carried forward consistently across all printed items and the internet.

Business Cards

Business cards are still an important way of introducing yourself to colleagues, opposing counsel and clients. Like other legal printing methods such as letterhead and envelopes, business cards can be customized in many ways. Law firm business cards can be engraved, thermographed, offset printed or they can be produced digitally. In general, there has been a strong move toward digital business card production over the last decade due to economics, speed and flexibility.

Paper choice is critical when planning law firm business cards. Most law firms use either white or natural white stock for legal stationery, and all items (law firm letterhead, business cards, and note cards) are typically printed on matching stock. Some traditional law firms prefer premium stocks like Crane’s Crest or Strathmore for stationery items. However, many firms have migrated to less costly options like Classic Crest or Classic Linen. These stocks are still watermarked (in some weights) and have a professional finish to impress clients. Heavyweight stocks are increasingly popular for law firm business cards.

Note Cards and Personal Stationery

Some lawyers prefer to write or print important personal correspondence on personal stationery or note cards. The most common size for personal letterhead is monarch size, which is smaller than standard letterhead. Personal stationery or note cards are frequently used for thank you notes or for jotting down quick messages. The personal touch of a hand-written note is sure to get noticed!


One legal printing method to consider when engaging your clients is printed announcements. What better way to announce to your client base the addition of new attorneys to the firm or new practice areas than printed announcements? Announcements can be engraved, thermographed or offset printed. Some firms use traditional panel cards or fold-over cards, although some skip the panel altogether.

Mass Mailings

Although much legal communication is electronic today, some mass communication is sent out by mail. Examples of this include notices to class action parties and bankruptcy notices.

Legal Printing Services for Law Firm Marketing

Although online marketing is important, don’t underestimate the importance of having high quality printed materials. Legal printing services for law firm marketing help convert leads into clients and help you obtain more work from existing clients.

Law Firm Brochures

Design professional law firm brochures to explain the services you offer in more detail to potential clients. If possible, consider hiring a professional designer to give your brochure the right look and make sure it projects the right image. Imagery, fonts and paper choice are all important. Law firm brochures are also a great place to explain your firm’s specialties in detail. You may have niche services that fewer firms offer, and you can tell your story here. Explain why you have the best legal services on offer. Firm brochures can be instrumental in attracting new clients and in recruiting new talent to your firm.

Presentation Folders with Stepped Sheets

Using presentation folders with stepped sheets inside is another way to make your firm stand out. You can use a wide variety of stocks and processes to make folders that look great. Foil stamping, blind embossing and metallic inks can make folders look distinctive, and dark-colored or textured stocks are visually appealing so long as they fit with your firm’s overall image. Using stepped sheets (where each sheet gets progressively larger so several sheets can be seen all at once) is a way to show off various practice groups or attorneys at your firm. You can print stepped sheets digitally, so they are easy and inexpensive to change out.

Short Run Books

Some attorneys and law firms print short-run books to highlight specific practice areas and areas of expertise. Whether you have expertise in family law, international law or litigation, books are a way to go into greater depth on a topic you know well. These are great handouts for larger prospective clients or at legal seminars.

Seminar Invitations and Booklets

Many firms present seminars to help educate clients. Be sure your seminar is well attended by mailing out invitations and giving out booklets or handouts reviewing the information presented.

Promotional Items

Build your firm’s image using custom glassware, coasters, notepads, pens or other items that prominently feature your logo. These can be used in your office or handed out to select clients. Be creative in choosing items to customize. One tip is to pick items that will be used over a period of time to maximize your exposure.

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