August 26, 2020 The Print Authority

HVAC Printing Ideas to Market Your Company

Whether you are starting a new HVAC company or already have an established business, finding new opportunities to grow your customer base is an ongoing concern. The heating and cooling industry is highly competitive, and this makes marketing an important element of your business. Although there are many ways to market your company, one simple way is to use professional design and HVAC printing to help your business stand apart.

HVAC Printing Ideas to Market Your Company

Establish Your Brand With Custom HVAC Printing

Before printing, establish a set of brand guidelines to distinguish your company from the rest. Make sure all of your materials—from marketing tools to customer invoices—reflect this standard. Each communication from your business is an opportunity to increase brand familiarity. An invaluable asset to any business, an attractive and easily recognizable company logo is an essential part of presenting the image of your company to the public. Hiring a professional graphic designer could be the key to improving your logo and taking your marketing to the next level.

Professional Forms and Stationery Market Your HVAC business

Your brand should be represented on your business stationery, cards, work orders, and custom multi-part carbonless invoices or quote forms. These are products that clients will keep on hand and refer to often, so be sure they are designed well, easy to read and attractive. Maximize your brand recognition with every customer interaction. Consider starting a referral program by providing discounts for referrals. This will encourage happy customers to spread the word about your great service.

Well designed and professionally printed business cards, forms and invoices can make a difference to your HVAC company’s sales and bottom line. Versatile, multi-part forms will make the job of your service technicians easier and faster. Taking the extra step to ensure that important business details such as pricing, contact information, and new product availability are presented clearly and effectively on all printed materials will improve the customer experience and leave a good impression of your company.

Flyers and Brochures Unlock Your Full Potential

Printed marketing materials offer a lot of detail and provide important contact information for your business. Brochures and informational booklets can provide a list of services, promote the integrity and core values of your company, and even target a specific group of potential customers. Full color printed flyers are a great way to keep your customers updated with current promotions, like comparing the latest smart thermostats. Printed materials like brochures and flyers have a longer life with customers than digital advertising, which can be quickly deleted or forgotten.

Mailings Bring in New Clients

Whether temperatures are rising or falling, people may be wondering if their homes are ready to handle the coming weather season. Since half of the energy used in a typical home goes to heating and cooling (according to Energy Star), they will want to make a smart decision that meets their needs. A timely postcard or flyer mailing can remind people in your community that you are ready to help them be prepared and do seasonal service. Mailings are also a great way to seek out customers who may be ready to replace their system because you can easily geographically target businesses in the area, which is best for you to serve.

A Multifaceted Approach Often Works Best

Be sure to use mailings, online marketing and other collateral materials together to target the type of business that is most profitable to you. If you market yourself with the same message through several methods, this is most likely to produce results. Use design to tie everything together and make sure all printed and electronic advertising is coordinated and effective.

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