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Home Improvement Marketing Ideas for Local Growth

The home repair and improvement industry has grown more than 50% since 2009, with more than $400 billion in U.S. sales in recent years. Successful home improvement marketing is the key to this growth.

While having a quality website is critical, there are other important ways to set your company apart: creative home improvement advertising ideas and high-quality, professionally printed materials that market your business.

Building a Home Improvement Marketing Strategy

A great home marketing strategy gives home improvement contractors the edge they need in a competitive market. Customers in the research stage are trying to find home improvement companies, so excellent marketing makes sure that your target audience finds you — not your competitors. 

Develop Consistent Branding

Make branding your top priority, and incorporate it into all of your products. Presenting a unified brand image helps your company stay in customers’ minds and reminds them of your top-quality services. 

As you’re developing your branding, think about the following: 

  • Color scheme. Colors do the heavy lifting when it comes to conveying meaning through your marketing efforts. Consider accent colors such as green to signify nature and growth or freshness or brown to signify wood and other building materials. 
  • Logo. If your business focuses on one aspect of home improvement, consider incorporating it into your logo. Check-in with the professionals if you’re looking to do a logo redesign; they can help you create a logo that efficiently conveys your identity to customers. 
  • Font. Using the same fonts on all of your marketing materials makes them feel cohesive. Readers will associate your font style with your business, so choose fonts that create the desired image of your company. 

Identify Key Markets

Home improvement includes a wide range of possible markets and services. Take note of some of the most important ones in order to tailor your services and marketing, which increases your chances of attracting customers. 

Some of the most common services within home improvement include: 

  • Interior painting
  • Bathroom remodels
  • Flooring
  • Landscaping

People using your services might include property owners, landlords, contractors, architects, and more. Considering who you are targeting your business and materials towards will help you make them more effective.

Partner with a Top Printing Service

A great marketing strategy needs great materials, and great materials need a great printing company. To get your home improvement company the success it deserves, work with a professional printing service with the experience that gets you the products you need. 

When choosing a printing company to work with, do your homework. Ensure that the company has worked with other home improvement companies in the past, and feel free to ask them questions about their products and services. That way, you will know you are partnering with a company that can deliver the goods. 

Home Improvement Print Marketing Ideas

Get inspired for your next print marketing campaign with the following list of home improvement advertising ideas. 

Business Cards

Professional business cards

Professional business cards are a great place to start when you are trying to land new customers. High-quality business cards communicate professionalism and experience and make consumers feel more comfortable and confident in making a purchase.

In addition, business cards make all your contact information available in one easy-to-reach place. Business cards are a cost-effective home improvement marketing tool that can be handed out whenever you meet a prospect.

Business Card Design Tips

Don’t underestimate the importance of top-notch business cards! These business card design tips will help you create cards that stand out and help you forge new connections.

Print Front and Back

Business cards may be small, but they still contain a lot of important information about a service provider. Your home improvement company’s business cards should include the following elements:

  • Your company’s name, logo, and slogan.
  • The employee’s name and position.
  • Important contact information: phone number, URL, and email address.

Using a creative design can get your message across on a business card and positively surprise customers. For example, you can make the front of a business card look like a window for a window replacement company, for instance, and then print the important contact information on the back.

We discussed fonts above, but it’s worth mentioning again here: choosing the right font for your business cards is critical. There are thousands of business card fonts, so find one that represents your company perfectly. A professional designer can help you with that choice!

Matte vs. Glossy

When it comes to your business cards, one of the biggest style choices you can make is matte vs. glossy finishes. The finish influences your brand image and your cards’ effects on readers.

Glossy business cards are:

  • Shinier
  • Less expensive
  • Possibly slightly more durable

Glossy business cards are great options if your business cards contain bright colors. They will help those colors pop and bring your cards lots of attention.

On the other hand, matte business cards are:

  • Silkier
  • More expensive
  • Slightly less durable

If you opt for matte business cards, you will receive cards that are modern, sophisticated, and smooth to the touch. They contribute an air of luxury that gives homeowners confidence in your sense of style.

Ultimately, the choice between matte and glossy business cards comes down to personal preference. If you’re having trouble deciding, feel free to contact your printing company for advice. Either way, your business cards will make a great first impression!

Get Professional Quality

Business cards introduce you to prospects, so make it a good introduction! Working with a professional printing company will provide the high quality and customization that you need.

Professionally printed business cards are often made of sturdier papers, leading to less wear and tear. Professional printing also allows for handy customization, such as:

  • UV coating. Coatings can highlight a particular image, draw attention to the text, and protect your business cards from wear and tear.
  • Unique paper sizes and shapes. For example, fold-over business cards give you twice as much space to present your information as regular business cards.
  • Increased paper stock options. You might pick a colored stock, a textured stock (think linen, laid, or felt), or maybe a stock that is thicker than usual.

Get inspired by online home improvement business card examples, or ask your printing company for design advice.

Company Brochures

Professionally printed home improvement business marketing brochures.

Professionally printed home improvement business marketing brochures help your clients understand the details of your service offering. Whether you mail them or hand them to potential customers, they provide important information about your business. The brochures’ additional space for facts and technical specs will help readers envision how you’ll make their homes perfect.

Company Brochure Design Tips

Creating your brochure can seem daunting. Never fear: here are the brochure design tips that will give clients all the information they need and inspire great, local prospects to call you or visit your website.

Tri-Fold vs. Bi-Fold

The choice between a tri-fold and a bi-fold brochure depends on your preferences.

The bi-fold brochure is the optimal choice if you want to include detailed photographs or floorplans. The typical bi-fold brochure consists of four 5.5×8.5 panels, which provides more space for larger graphics. Readers can see the important details such as blueprint labels and tile textures.

The tri-fold brochure is a sturdy, versatile brochure. It’s a great option if you plan to cover many subjects since the six panels provide natural divisions. This is one of the most common brochure types.

Include Professional Images

We can’t overstate this: use professional images in your home improvement marketing brochures! Adding images serves many purposes:

  • Eye-catching images make your brochure more appealing
  • High-quality images help your brochure look professional
  • Well-placed images break up the text, making it easier to read

Your printed brochures present your company’s product and service offerings, and they show potential clients how your service will improve their home’s look and value. Strong design and professional photography will make any brochure look fantastic.

Add Testimonials

Using testimonials regularly can increase revenue by approximately 62 percent, so don’t miss that extra income! The testimonials in your brochures are often the tipping points that inspire qualified leads to pick up the phone and give you a call.

Home improvement projects are typically large decisions that cost a lot of money, so including positive testimonials on your brochures increases confidence in your company and assures readers that your business will handle their building or renovation project with ease.

Get Professional Quality

Prospects will judge your company based on your brochures, so make sure to make a great impression!

Partnering with a professional printing company includes the following benefits:

  • A range of finishing services. It’s easy to order brochures that are cut, scored, and folded.
  • Brochure design tips and postcard design tips from the experts. A professional design team can help you create the best possible brochure.
  • Speedy fulfillment. A professional printing company has the infrastructure to get you your brochures fast.

Before and After Photos

There’s no better way to display your business’s great home improvement services than with before and after photos! Customers want to see how your company can help their houses look great, and photos show that you’re up to the task.

Before and After Photos Tips

As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. This holds true for marketing as well. Whether you specialize in roofing, painting, or contracting, providing photographic evidence of your work will show your customer base high-quality results. 

Display in a High-Traffic Area

The goal of great before and after photos is to get seen. Therefore, make sure you display them in high-visibility areas such as:

When potentials see your before and after photos, they realize that you could perform the same transformation for their houses. Letting as many people as possible see your great work will lead to increased contracts!

Get Professional Quality

When you show your before and after photos to the world, enlisting the help of a professional printing company will bring you the expertise you need.

With a professional printer, you can count on:

  • On-time delivery. Partnerships with delivery services ensure a speedy shipping process.
  • Eco-friendly printing processes. Top printing companies can produce your before and after photos using environmentally-friendly methods.
  • On-demand printing. On-demand fulfillment means that you receive copies exactly when you need them.

Presentation Folders

Printed presentation folders.

Printed presentation folders make a difference in keeping your company’s information organized and making it look great. Folders presented to clients should contain your brochures, business card, contracts, and other sales materials, so be sure all materials in the folder look consistent.

Presentation Folder Design Tips

Presentation folders allow for more design choices than you might think. You can create folders from a variety of stocks and use either spot color or full-color printing, or even foil stamping or embossing.

Choose the Right Pocket Design

Pocket folders are readily available in a wider variety of stocks and designs than ever before. Although a traditional presentation folder has two horizontal pockets, you can create folders with one pocket, three pockets, or even vertical pockets.

You can also get sculpted (“shaped” or “curved”) pockets. Further, even though standard folders are 9”x12”, you can get larger folders or mini folders to suit your needs and image. Once you know which items you plan to put in your folders, you can choose the pocket design that best fits your needs. 

Work With a Professional Printing Company

Getting your presentation folders just right can be a challenge, so partnering with a professional printing company is the key to a folder that helps you put your best foot forward.

Professional printing also ensures:

  • A range of unique products. A professional printer is able to print the home improvement advertising ideas that you can’t produce in-house, such as fridge and car magnets, that make excellent additions to your folders.
  • Assembly included. Your printer can go ahead and print your folders and assemble all the materials you need inside them. You’ll receive stuffed folders that are ready to use!

Custom Promotional Products Set You Apart

To get a head start on your home improvement marketing strategy, join forces with The Print Authority! With over three decades of experience with everything from postcard design tips to printing creative promotional products, we are here to help with all of your home repair company’s design and printing needs. Our mission is to make your company look great in print!

Whether you are a single-location home repair company or a franchise with hundreds of locations, we will help your image. We are full of home improvement advertising ideas and are also experts at creating web-to-print systems for franchises and other businesses that value consistent, high-quality printing shipped to multiple locations. Contact us today!