August 14, 2020 The Print Authority

Home Improvement Marketing Ideas for Local Growth

The home improvement and repair industry has grown more than 50% since 2009, with more than $400 billion in U.S. sales in recent years. Despite this growth, running a profitable home improvement business is challenging.

There are huge numbers of competitors in the remodeling, roofing, tiling, fencing, flooring, handyman, landscaping, painting, window replacement, garage repair and other related renovation and repair businesses. In short, your company has to find ways to stand out.

While having a quality website is critical, there is another way to set your company apart—high quality, professionally printed materials to market your business.

Inspire your unique print marketing campaign with the following list of home improvement marketing ideas.

Home Improvement Print Marketing Ideas

Business Cards

Professional business cards are a great place to start when you are trying to land new customers. High-quality business cards communicate professionalism and experience and make consumers feel more comfortable and confident in making a purchase. In addition, business cards make all your contact information available in one easy to reach place. Business cards are cost-effective home improvement marketing tools that can be handed out anywhere you meet a prospect.

Be sure your business cards don’t look cheap–use high-quality stock with a clean looking and easy to read design. You might try creating cards that are different from traditional business cards to stand out. One idea is to make your cards a different shape or size. Fold over business cards give you twice as much space to present your information as regular business cards. You could seek out an unusual stock—either a colored stock, a textured stock (think linen, laid or felt) or maybe a stock that is thicker than usual. In addition, there are coatings that can be applied to make your business card look shiny or dull, or to highlight a particular image.

Using design creatively can get your message across on a business card and positively surprise customers. You could make the front of a business card look like a window for a window replacement company, for instance, and then print the important contact information on the back. It is also critical to choose the right font for your business cards. There are thousands of business card fonts, so find one that represents your company perfectly. A professional designer can help you with that choice!

Postcards and Company Brochures

Printed postcards and brochures can be mailed or handed out to potential customers giving them important information about your business. Targeted mailings using these materials will lead great, local prospects to call you or visit your website. Additionally, use printed brochures to present your company’s product and service offering in-person and show customers how your service will improve the look of their home and their home’s value. Strong design and professional photography will help any brochure look fantastic.

Presentation Folders

Printed presentation folders make a difference in keeping your company’s information organized and making it look great. You can create folders from a variety of stocks and use either spot color or full-color printing, or even foil stamping or embossing. Folders presented to clients should contain your brochures, business card, contracts and other sales materials. Be sure all materials in the folder look consistent and look great together.

Pocket folders are readily available in a wider variety of stocks and designs than ever before. Although a traditional presentation folder has two horizontal pockets, you can create folders with one pocket, three pockets or even vertical pockets. You can also get sculpted (“shaped” or “curved”) pockets. Further, even though standard folders are 9”x12”, you can get larger folders or mini folders to suit your needs and image.

Custom Promotional Products Set You Apart

Custom printed promotional items will help you gain new customers. Promotional materials promote top of mind awareness and popularize your brand. Gifting free items to consumers makes them happy and helps them remember your brand. One study showed that 59% of consumers had a more positive impression of businesses after receiving free items, and 58% of people receiving a promotional item use it for an average of 4 years. Whether you are gifting custom printed magnets, t-shirts, mugs, glasses, pens, or something else, these gifts make a big difference in promoting your company to new customers.

Many home improvement businesses and chains require that all employees wear apparel with the company name and logo.  Custom embroidered logos look great on both short and long sleeve polo shirts as well as on ball caps, jackets and winter hats.  Custom silk-screened T-shirts make your team look great, improve morale and make your company appear professional.  If you plan your buying with an experienced printing company, you can get the benefit of bulk ordering for these products to keep the cost down.  Having everyone wear matching apparel with your company logo will help with word of mouth advertising too!

The Print Authority is here to help with all of your home repair company’s design and printing needs. With 30 years of experience with everything from design to offset printing to digital printing to creative promotional products, we will make your company look great in print!

Whether you are a single location home repair company or a franchise with hundreds of locations, we will help your image! We are also experts at creating web-to-print systems for franchises and other businesses who value consistent, high-quality printing shipped to multiple locations. Contact us today!