List of the best environmentally friendly printing companies for sustainable companies.

Did you know that most printing companies use toxic chemicals that pollute the air? Or that printing processes use enormous amounts of energy?

The use of harmful chemicals that have negative effects on the environment is commonplace in the printing industry. Nonetheless, there are many emerging eco-friendly printing companies that are changing the industry standards.

Green printing is the practice of using recycled materials, using renewable energy resources, reducing greenhouse emissions, and recycling materials when possible.

Green printing is not only better for the environment, though. It can also cost you less while still being of high quality!

Choose an eco-friendly printing company for your next big project! Below we’ve compiled a list of the best environmentally friendly printing companies for you to choose from.

Best Environmentally Friendly Printing Companies

The Print Authority

The Print Authority is a premier printing company that utilizes green printing practices to protect the environment and provide clients with sustainable products.

To elaborate, The Print Authority recycles the majority of its printing materials, such as paper and printing plates. Moreover, they keep the use of chemicals which could affect the environment to an absolute minimum. Instead, the printing company uses soy and vegetable-based inks as well as plant-based toner. Thus, the printed paper is more biodegradable and easier to recycle. n addition, The Print Authority also uses digital printing methods that reduce waste by at least 10% and use a lot less energy.

With The Print Authority, you don’t just help the environment; you also get quality services. They offer a full range of graphic design services and high-quality on-demand printing. Additionally, they can print, bind, and professionally finish virtually any product you need.

Contact The Print Authority

Phone: (615) 468-2679

Website: The Print Authority


JakPrints is passionate about the environment and improving their overall surroundings and habitat. For this reason, JakPrints plants a tree with every order they receive!

Since 2012, they have planted over 500,000 trees! On average, each year JakPrints plants 64,000 trees, saves 3,200 trees through waste recycling and saves 2,200 by using recycled paper. Moreover, they use water-based or vegetable-based inks to make paper biodegradable.

Additionally, JakPrints operates 100% through wind-power, using no fossil fuels. Utilizing these and many other sustainable printing practices make JakPrints one of the leading green printeries in the nation!

Phone: (877) 246-3132

Website: JakPrints

Conquest Graphics

Conquest Graphics uses many environmentally friendly printing initiatives in order to help the environment. To demonstrate, Conquest Graphics saves approximately 6,500 tress each year by recycling.

Moreover, the Conquest Graphics headquarters was built using recycled and energy-efficient materials!

Conquest Graphics’ green printing initiatives include digital printing processes to produce high-quality products for affordable prices.

Phone: (800) 707-9903

Website: Conquest Graphics

Greener Printer

Greener Printer is committed to using 100% recycled paper and carbon offsets to save the earth from deforestation. In 2017, they saved 3,264 full-grown trees, 1.5 million gallons of water, 102,133 pounds of solid waste, 281,301 pounds of greenhouse emissions.

Moreover, they produce high-quality prints. Greener Printer will even send you a free sample kit, including a variety of print samples and helpful information to help you get started on your first print order.

Phone: (800) 655-5833

Website: Greener Printer


PsPrints offer customers the option of using recycled paper and soy-based ink. Not only are soy-based inks helpful to the environment, but they are also cheaper and produce higher-quality products.

Likewise, they ship their products to you from facilities that are located as close to you as possible to reduce their carbon footprint. They use green printing initiatives to provide quality products like business cards, greeting cards, and brochures.

Phone: (888) 677-2000

Website: PsPrints

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