July 24, 2020 The Print Authority

Trade Shows Cancelled? How to Still Reach New Customers

Whether you own a small retail business or a franchise, or if you work for a larger business to business company, marketers need to work harder to make up for canceled industry trade shows, conferences and other large events in the post coronavirus world.

Obviously, it is important to make sure your digital marketing, including your website, virtual meeting capabilities, and email marketing, are up to date.

In addition to electronic media, there is another trade show alternative for you to consider.

There is a significant impact that outstanding printing, signage and mailing can have on marketing your business effectively without the trade show booth!

You can extend your company’s reach using these techniques:

Use Signage and Print to Advertise and Inform

Let people know what is important to your business and community with professionally printed storefront signage.

Clearly communicate business hours, company policies, safety measures, etc. Banners are an excellent alternative to gain exposure still when dealing with a canceled trade show.

Temporary signage can let people know you are open for business, but they can also communicate sales and special promotions. Yard signs are another simple and effective trade show alternative using print materials. These signs help to promote your brand awareness in your community.

Although fewer people may be entering your business in person at present, use storefront windows to advertise your product and service offering.

There are many new materials for printing that look great either inside or outside windows to attract attention.

Cling labels and smooth banner material affixed to windows with suction cups can attract attention to your business. A-Frame sidewalk signs also hit customers with a succinct message about your business without entering.

In addition to signs, door hangers are an excellent way to show off your brand in a contactless fashion, and they have space for details and special offers to be included.

After printing, door hangers can be distributed simply by hanging them on

doorknobs in the area around your place of business. Be sure to let customers know on the door hanger how to contact your business or visit your company’s website.

Lastly, if you are delivering products to customers or offering curbside pickups, consider taping a flyer, menu or other handouts onto the product to spread the word about other products and services you offer. Your flyer can do the talking for you when the customer takes the product out of their car at home.

Send Direct Mail To Reach Prospects

While a popular trade show alternative is a digital event, it isn’t the only way to directly engage your customers.

Avoid digital fatigue, increase customer engagement, and breakthrough to high-value prospects with a novel direct mail piece.

This can be a postcard or a letter with other printed collateral. Mail volumes are down right now, so your mailing is more likely than ever to stand out!

Utilize a data-driven direct mail approach to reach beyond your existing client list.

The right mail list will allow you to target prospects based on their geographic location, type of industry, number of employees, or other factors important to your business.

Be sure to obtain a high quality, current mailing list to have the most impact. You can also target specific types of businesses or consumers with a sophisticated mailing list. A professional printing or mailing company can help you obtain the right list of targets.

Follow up with strong prospects by mailing them professionally printed business cards, brochures, rack cards, and other pieces to reinforce your message. You can even send unique promotional products to break through to your best prospects. Use a professional designer and printing company to be sure your message is well presented to get your point across. With on-demand printing services, you can personalize your response and print only what is needed, so your materials stay up to date.

If you are looking for a great design, printing and mailing partner to get the word out about your company, try The Print Authority. We have decades of experience with design, printing, mailing, signage and promotional products to get the job done right. Contact us today!