May 22, 2020 The Print Authority

Tips to Adjust Your Direct Mail Advertising for Coronavirus

During the Coronavirus pandemic, marketing has become increasingly important and challenging.

Marketing through in-person interactions has come to a halt. But, you can still reach potential customers through a more traditional method—the mail.

Whether you send a letter, postcard, or hand-written note, a personalized mailing is sure to catch your target audience’s eye.

Content is key, and during these difficult times, you want to make sure your message is clear. Here are a few things to keep in mind when developing your mailing.

Ways to Use Direct Mail Advertising During Coronavirus

Update your company message to be relevant to the current situation

As states start opening businesses, you’ll need a unique way to reconnect with your clients.

By using direct mail advertising, you can reach out to customers before reopening with your updated hours or policies. We are all being forced to adapt to a new normal due to Coronavirus, so sharing how your business is staying current and relevant is important.

It is also critical that your message is sensitive to the current social climate. No one wants to be seen as profiting from the suffering of others. Be sure you craft your mailer so that the reader understands you are trying to help them navigate through a difficult time and be sensitive to the reality that many people are sick or know someone who is sick from the virus.

One type of businesses that can benefit from using a mailer are essential businesses. If you are operating as an essential business, send a message letting customers or potential clients know.

This message should inform them that you are open for business and illustrate the measures you are taking to ensure safety.

If your business can directly help individuals or businesses through the pandemic, explain how through an eye-catching postcard.

Another approach for direct mail advertising is to highlight lesser-known aspects of your business. If your business can offer services that aren’t as commonly known, a mailer is a great non-invasive way to spread the word.

Focus on target audiences

Narrowing down your potential customers to specific, targeted groups is a great way to keep costs low and have a better success rate.

For example, if your business is property management, you could send a postcard to property owners in neighborhoods of your existing properties, letting them know that you are protecting their cash flow by still operating and accepting new properties.

If your focus is reaching existing clients, a postcard or notecard is a simple way to reach everyone in a more personal way than email.

Furthermore, mailings offer the opportunity to geographically target either residences or businesses around your place of business in a way that electronic marketing has yet to match.

Sophisticated mailing lists are available that are filtered by zip code, income level, type of home, and other factors sure to make your mailing more effective.

You can also include the name of the homeowner to increase interest; getting mailings to the appropriate person always increases the response rate. An experienced printing or mailing company can help get you the list you need!

Make your message clear and concise

We are all trying to navigate these tough times, so make sure your message is both sensitive to the situation, but clear.

Sending a note to say, “Hope you are doing well,” or “We are here to help you,” can go a long way. Make sure you pair your message with great graphic design, and eye-catching images.

The Print Authority can help with high-quality printing and can provide targeted mailing lists to meet your needs. We also offer high-quality design services to make your printed materials professional and eye-catching. If your company needs help reaching your current or potential customers through mailings, contact The Print Authority team today!