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Healthcare Printing [Full Guide, How-Tos, & Best Tips]

Providing healthcare is a team effort that includes practitioners, support staff, and everyone behind the scenes. But have you thought about the role that healthcare printing plays in providing a higher level of care? 

Healthcare printing is an important resource for both patients and providers. Keep reading to learn all about healthcare printing, including how to create the best materials, printing tips, and more!


Benefits of Better Healthcare Printing

Printed healthcare materials are necessary for everyone in the healthcare industry, and they provide a range of necessary functions. Let’s get into some of healthcare printing’s most significant benefits!

Improved Patient Education

Healthcare’s ultimate goal is to provide excellent care to the patients who need it, and effective healthcare printing makes this goal attainable. Patients need a wide range of educational materials, including the following: 

  • Brochures about procedures, medical devices, and conditions
  • Handouts containing pre- and post-operation instructions
  • Flyers about products and medicines
  • Brochures with preventative information 

By providing these patient documents, you help them take care of their health. 

Ease Provider Workload

Quality printing in healthcare makes providers’ jobs significantly easier. When healthcare providers can distribute a handout or a flyer to their patient instead of having to handwrite all of the information the patient needs, they save time that they can use elsewhere. This can elevate the patient experience as well. 

Additionally, having all needed printed forms easily available helps providers simplify a variety of their tasks. When the needed brochure, information sheet, or insurance claim form is easily at hand, the provider doesn’t need to take the time to print a document every time they need it. This helps healthcare professionals provide the best customer service possible.

Better Marketing Efforts

Patients choose their healthcare providers for a range of reasons, including skill, cost, and professionalism, and great materials make a provider look professional and capable. 

With professional, reliable printing of your healthcare marketing materials, you make a great impression on clients. Distributing high-quality printed products shows that you put resources and care into providing the best experience for your patients. 

Enhance Consistency in Patient Care

When your office distributes high-quality printed materials, you improve the quality and consistency of patient decision-making and patient care. Having uniform instructions and other printed information ensures that patients get the information they need about medical devices, procedures, medications, and more.

If all medical professionals use flyers, brochures, and other printed materials, you can rest easy that all important information has been conveyed to patients, regardless of the communication skills of one provider or another. This leads to increased patient satisfaction in the healthcare sector.

How to Create Excellent Healthcare Materials

When you’re preparing to design your own healthcare materials, here’s what to keep in mind. 

Consider Your Breadth of Services

When it comes to producing print materials for your healthcare facility, the sky’s the limit. Therefore, consider all of your services and make conscientious decisions about which kinds of materials may be useful. Do your patients fill out their medical history forms online? If so, you probably don’t need to print physical copies for patient records. 

On the other hand, make sure that patients have physical copies of the most important information. For example, make sure that patients have access to post-op instructions, as well as any other essential products or medical devices that will help patients take the best care of themselves. The Print Authority is your healthcare printing specialist and can print all of the materials that you might find useful, including brochures, handouts, flyers, and marketing collateral. 

Consider Patient Frequency 

The expected number of patients in your office will influence the number of materials you need. On the one hand, it’s important to have materials ready when your patients, practitioners, or staff need them. On the other hand, it’s a hassle to have massive stacks of printed materials that you need to store. 

Using on-demand printing solves this issue. On-demand printing consists of printing a small number of copies when you need them. For example, you can print increased numbers of flu prevention pamphlets and flu vaccine information sheets during flu season without needing to store these items during the rest of the year. On-demand printing saves you space while making it easy to get the materials you need. 

Consider Healthcare Messaging

When you’re designing your materials, consider your brand and messaging. Be sure to include consistency across your printed products, such as including your practice or brand logo on all of your products. 

Developing a brand is a vital task for any organization. Nurture a brand that showcases your care for your patients and demonstrates your dedication to providing excellent services, and make sure that all of your materials reflect these values. This will help both current and prospective patients develop a relationship with your organization. 

Tips for Effective Healthcare Printing

Healthcare printing is easy, and it provides significant benefits. Here are The Print Authority’s top tips to help you get the most out of your healthcare printing. 

1. Consult The Experts

A professional printing company such as The Print Authority that also offers design services and has ample experience with healthcare printing can help you answer all of your questions, including: 

  • Which printed products do I need?
  • How many copies do I need?
  • Should I choose digital or offset printing
  • Which paper should I choose? 
  • How do I make my design better? 

If designing and printing your healthcare materials sounds daunting, ask the experts at The Print Authority for help. We can help you answer all of these questions and more, ensuring that you print the materials that are best for your providers, patients, and budget. 

2. Keep a Patient-First Mentality 

Ultimately, everything you do is for your patients. Make sure this shows through in your printed materials. When you create or revise every product, think about it from the patient’s point of view. Consider the following questions: 

  • Will the patient be able to understand what is written? 
  • Does the material use any jargon or medical terms that need explanation, or better yet, which can be removed? 
  • Does the material provide a clear course of action for the patient? 
  • Do all documents for internal use, either directly or indirectly, make providing patient care easier?

By making sure you have answers to these questions, your healthcare printing will provide the best possible experience for your patients. 

3. Be Open to New Material Creation

Sometimes the experts have input that can help you improve your materials. Those experts might come from within the medical field, such as health researchers, or they might come from elsewhere in the process, such as printing experts who can help you design the best possible printed products. 

Be open to tips and suggestions from experts. Together, you all can achieve your goal of providing the best materials and information for your patients and helping them have the best health possible. 

The Best in Healthcare Printing

When you’ve decided it’s time to print new materials for your healthcare institution, get in touch with The Print Authority. With over three decades of experience with healthcare printing, we have helped healthcare providers of all sizes improve patients’ lives. We print all of the materials you need, and we want to help you improve people’s health. 

To get started, contact The Print Authority today!