June 7, 2024 The Print Authority

Commercial Print Solutions [Options for Growing Businesses]

Did you know that in the US alone, nearly 543,000 new businesses are created each month? With such a large field of competitors, you face a lot of competition as you work to expand your business.

Growing your business is an exciting challenge. By combining a range of strategies, you can expand into new markets, develop new customer relationships, and provide top-of-the-line services. When you take advantage of professional commercial print solutions, you’re able to make these results possible.

Understanding Commercial Print Solutions

Commercial print solutions support your company’s growth. Here are the tools that can do the most for your business. 

Offset Printing

When you’re looking for a printing solution that creates high quality products, offset printing is the way to go. 

When you think of traditional printing, offset printing is probably what you have in mind. When a printing company does offset printing, they transfer the design to be printed from a plate to a rubber roller or blanket, which then transfers it to your chosen paper. 

Offset printing is the ideal printing choice when for large quantities of printed materials with few originals. This is because a separate plate is made for every unique page design. Therefore, if you’re using a small number of originals, the printing process goes quickly once the plates have been made. As well, when printing large numbers of copies, the price per page decreases even more. Offset printing is typically the cheaper option if you’re printing 2,000 copies or more. 

Offset printing provides a high print quality with clear definition, as well as exact color matching. Therefore, if you need to exactly adhere to Pantone® colors, offset printing is the right choice. 

Digital Printing

If you’re printing lots of originals, digital technology printing is the choice for you. Digital presses print directly from electronic files. An electrostatic charge is applied to a piece of paper, and ink adheres to the charge. 

Since no plates need to be made when you choose digital printing, printing can happen immediately, and you can include as many originals as you’d like. This makes digital printing a great option for items such as direct mail, in which a different address is printed on each mailer. 

Digital printing is also an environmentally friendly printing option, as it creates less waste, uses less power, and requires fewer chemicals than offset printing. This is the way to go if you want to grow your business in an eco-conscious way. 

Large Format Printing

Large format printing consists of printing items larger than 12×18. It covers a wide range of items, united by the fact that they are too large to be printed in a standard printing press and are instead printed using a larger press. 

Some of the most common large format printing items include the following: 

Large format printing supports your company’s growth in many ways, including the following: 

    • Enhanced brand visibility. Simply put, large format printing offers more space to get yourself seen and make an impact. 
  • Durability. Many large format items are made of hardy materials. These products can be used both inside and outside, and they hold up over time. 
  • Striking visuals. When printed with a professional printing company, large format items include vibrant colors and large design elements that make an impression on the people who see them. 

When you choose large format printing, you make an impact. 

Direct Mail Printing

Direct mail is an effective print material that helps you reach new audiences. Direct mail is exactly what it sounds like: your print partner prints each piece of mail with your recipients’ addresses on it and then sends the mail directly to them. You don’t need to worry about the mailing process, and you’re able to target audiences directly. 

Direct mail is one of the most effective marketing tools in your toolbox because it allows you to increase your sphere of influence. Your printing partner can use targeted mailings to send mail to addresses within your chosen demographics, which makes this product even more effective. 

Direct mail is also vital for your brand. It exposes recipients to your business and familiarizes them with your imagery, logo, and message. As you’re expanding, targeted mailings help you reach the new communities you’re aiming for. This enhances the customer experience and ensures customers are informed of current specials or offerings.

Benefits and Use Case

Let’s take a look at how commercial print solutions help you stay ahead of the curve with some real-world examples. 

Commercial Print Fulfillment 

Working with a print fulfillment company saves both time and money. Since 1996, The Print Authority has provided print services for a large chain restaurant, which includes a customized online print portal that ships directly to each location. 

By offering on demand fulfillment, The Print Authority’s experienced staff has saved this company tens of thousands of dollars, provides a printing and shipping turnaround time of two working days, and dramatically reduces waste. 

Commercial Franchisee Printing

Partnering with a professional printing company is a smart move for growing franchises. The Print Authority has partnered with a franchise that offers athletic events for kids since 2013, providing kits for new stores, training materials, party invitations, and more. 

By providing the materials for every franchisee, The Print Authority helps the franchisor ensure consistent branding among all locations and create a unified brand experience at all locations. With The Print Authority’s help, this franchise has expanded from just a few locations to over 90 nationwide. 

Choosing the Right Solution

Your print items enable your business to grow, and The Print Authority is here to provide you with all the print items you need. From marketing collateral to training materials and more, The Print Authority offers the commercial print solutions that help you grow. 

We specialize in working with rapidly growing franchises, so we understand your needs and can cater to them as you expand and reach new markets. Our custom print portals make franchise printing easy, and our helpful team is always here to make your printing experience the best it can be. We bring your ideas to life — we’d love to hear about your project and share how we can help promote your business.

To learn more about how The Print Authority can help your business succeed, contact us today!