October 13, 2021 The Print Authority

Web to Print Essential Guide: Process, Best Practices & More

All businesses have many moving parts, and businesses with multiple locations have even more. Luckily, web to print services make printing easy and efficient, which means one less moving part for you to worry about. If you’re looking for consistency, efficiency, and reduced costs, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about web to print solutions!

What is Web To Print?

Simply put, a web to print service is a website that employees or users at your company’s various branches can use to order printed materials. It is a custom website that contains all the printed materials that different locations might need which allows employees, franchisees, or affiliates to order and have products delivered directly to them. Web to print makes business printing across multiple locations easy.

In summary, it is a simple, intuitive way to order and distribute consistent, high-quality printing to multiple locations stress-free!

5 Web To Print Benefits

Online printing portals are the future of print technology. Here’s how they’re beneficial to businesses across the board:

  1. They’re easy to use. Each web to print storefront has been designed with the user in mind. Since proofs or templates have been pre-approved, ordering products is a breeze.
  2. They ensure brand consistency. Each item presented to the public should enhance your brand’s image. By providing branches with pre-approved branded products, you maintain control of your brand. You can rest assured that all branch locations are using the same materials and providing a cohesive customer experience.
  3. They are efficient. Individual branches or franchise locations can order their own materials that will be sent directly to them, so there’s no need for bulk ordering, storage facilities, or additional delivery costs. Plus, online portals lead to speedy delivery, so branches will receive the materials they need in no time!
  4. They take care of assembly and kitting. In addition to only printing, web to print portals can handle finishing and kitting services as well. Simply order a kit online and have it delivered to your branch or restaurant.
  5. They control costs. With preset pricing, using web to print portals ensures that you’ll know exactly what you’ll pay for each order. No surprise costs here!

With all of these benefits, it’s clear that web to print is the perfect solution for all kinds of businesses.

The Web To Print Process Explained

If the idea of using a printing portal sounds daunting, let us assure you that it is not hard! Web to print is easy to set up and use. Here’s how the process works.

First, find a printing company that creates web to print portals. Different printing companies might focus on different business sectors or company structures, so it’s important to discuss your business needs. This way you can make sure the provider is a good match and can provide all the services you need.

Then, the printing company will create a custom branded website for your business. You can send templates and designs of the printed materials your branches and employees need, or you can ask your printer to design and upload them for you.

For products that are not customized by the end-user, you can pre-approve specific designs and receive advance proofs of these products so that individual orders won’t require proofs later.

The printing company will provide secure login details for you and your branches so that branches can order the products they need.

Then, branches can log into the website and order these pre-approved materials and have them customized as needed, including franchise addresses, names on business cards, and more.

Your printing company will then print, finish, and ship the materials directly to each location that placed an order. It’s that simple!

Web To Print Features

The Print Authority’s web portals offer an amazing variety of features, including:

  • Simple, Easy to Use Portals.  Our portals are highly visual and are organized for your success!
  • Custom Branded Portals. Let users know they are ordering from the approved source for your organization’s printed materials by customizing the portal.
  • Organize by Product Category or Geographic Region. You can make sure all products are easy to locate and order.
  • Online Customization. Variable data can be accommodated easily, letting the end-user select fonts, colors, and even photos from a pre-approved set. The user sees a final proof before placing the order.
  • Marketing, Sales, and Start-Up Kits. Get your users off on the right foot by providing or requiring them to purchase groups of materials to ensure their success.
  • Password Protected Access. You control access to make sure only authorized users use the portal. We offer both self-sign-up or a pre-approved list of users.
  • Supervisor Approval. We can require orders to be approved by a supervisor to make sure the Home Office controls final content.
  • Apparel, Promotional Products, and Print Related Materials. We are a one-stop-shop for print-related materials.
  • Multilevel Access Based on User Category. Limit users to order only products which are relevant to them. Access can be controlled based on login.
  • Easy Updating Process. Let us know any changes you need to make and we will take care of them for you!

Work With The Web To Print Experts at The Print Authority!

When you’re ready to make the leap to a custom web portal, The Print Authority is here to help. Our web portals help support businesses’ sales and profitability. Our unique portals are branded so your distributors know they are purchasing from the business’ authorized supplier of printed materials. We offer many customization options and can supply many products to support your dealer or distributor networks.

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