March 6, 2020 The Print Authority

Are Restaurant Loyalty Cards Worth It?

Would you like to increase brand awareness for your restaurant?

If so, you’ve probably considered implementing a loyalty program for customers

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about restaurant loyalty cards and whether they are worth implementing in your restaurant!

Are Restaurant Loyalty Cards Effective?

Many people wonder if loyalty cards actually have positive results in their restaurant. Let’s consider some statistics about their effectiveness:

  • In a study, it was found that 45% of diners are more likely to choose a particular restaurant if it belongs to a loyalty program.
  • In another consumer study, it was found that restaurant rewards programs boost visits by 35%.
  • 73% of consumers are more likely to recommend brands with good loyalty programs, according to the Loyalty Report.
  • In the same study, 79% of consumers reported that loyalty programs make them more likely to continue doing business with a brand.
  • Additionally, 32% of consumers say loyalty programs make their brand experience better.
  • Finally, 15.12% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand if they are a part of the loyalty program.

In the end, loyalty cards can bring positive results to your restaurant! But how do they attract customers?

How Restaurant Loyalty Cards Attract Customers

Loyalty cards keep your establishment in the customer’s mind. It’s like a business card the customer doesn’t throw away because they want to get the rewards.

Moreover, loyal customers generally provide more business than new customers. For instance, if a customer only needs four more stamps to get a free item, they are more likely to visit your restaurant four more times to get the free item. As a result, loyalty cards are more likely to create regular visitors.

On the other hand, if your loyalty card isn’t designed well, the card probably won’t work as well. Take a look at how you can create a restaurant loyalty card that attracts more customers!

Tips on Making an Effective Restaurant Loyalty Card

One of the most important aspects of creating a restaurant loyalty card that customers like is consistency. For example, say you create a restaurant loyalty card that allows customers to get a free meal when they purchase ten meals. However, if you decide to change your loyalty program, it could leave a negative impression on customers. They may think that your business is not consistent or doesn’t take them seriously.

In other words, if you implement a rewards program, be sure to follow through with your reward promises.

Second, make rewards attainable. If a customer has to spend $50 every visit in order to receive rewards, they may think joining the rewards program isn’t worth it.

Third, make the rewards desirable. Rather than limiting the reward to only a few items, include something for everyone. A flexible rewards list will help increase customer interest and make it more desirable for them to earn. For example, you could include a free appetizer, a free side dish, or even a free meal.

Last but not least, promote the loyalty program. More than anything, you want customers to know about the program. Do more than hand out cards to visitors. Advertise it on social media, emails, mail marketing, and your website.

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