January 24, 2020 The Print Authority

Rush Printing Services for 174,000 Flyers? How We Did It

Have you ever needed rush printing services?

It can be stressful finding a printing company, designing the product, printing it, and making sure it arrives at your door when you need it.

So what do you do? Check out how The Print Authority designed, printed, and shipped 174,000 flyers in two days!

Rush Printing Services – How We Created 174,000 Flyers in 2 Days

A Last Minute Request

It was 12:30 pm on the Wednesday before Christmas, and I received an email from a client, a restaurant company with many locations. Here’s the email our client sent:

I know this is a long shot, but I have to ask.

We are hoping to do a rush print job to be printed and shipped to all [our] locations for delivery by Thursday or Friday, if possible. We need roughly 900-1000 color flyers [for each location], size to be determined.

Do you think this is possible, given the short turnaround time?

The flyers themselves related to a special promotion running at the restaurants beginning the following Monday.

Challenge Accepted

Never one to shrink in the face of a challenge, I quickly replied that it was possible. The stipulation was only if we had the artwork within an hour. I also gave them the flyer size and specifications it would need to be to get the job done.

Shortly after that, I received an email from the Marketing Manager saying that my specifications were fine. However, they couldn’t provide the artwork until the end of the day. She also said delivering the flyers on Monday would also work.

I replied that we would strongly prefer to get the art before the end of the day and that we wanted to make sure the client would be available to proof the flyer that evening. I also let the client know that due to the delay in receiving the artwork, we could guarantee shipping the flyers on Friday for a Monday delivery.

Incredibly, we got the job!

How We Designed, Printed, and Shipped 174,000 Flyers in 2 Days

It turned out to be 174,000 flyers, with 1,000 shipping to 174 different locations.

Once the client confirmed the order, we scrambled and immediately obtained the needed paper, boxes, and supplies. The artwork arrived at 4:30 pm, and we went through several rounds of changes before getting final approval at 6:30 pm. Our early shift arrived at 4:30 am and began running the job.

While running the job, we went through 16 boxes of toner in one day and had to locate more supplies and have them rushed in. Although there were a few unforeseen challenges, we shipped 80% of the flyers out on Thursday (early!) with the remaining 20% shipping on Friday.

Our client was so happy with our work that they ordered in lunch for our entire team! Kudos to The Print Authority team! It was a crazy 48 hours, but everything got out and delivered on time.

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