January 8, 2020 The Print Authority

Hip Restaurant Branding Ideas: A Look at Rock’n Dough

Fresh, fun, and delicious!

Restaurant goers in Nashville near Madison are in for a real treat if they visit Rock’n Dough Restaurant and Brewery. This new restaurant is the third Rock’n Dough location, with others in Germantown (outside of Memphis) and Jackson, Tennessee.

I recently had the opportunity to visit Rock’n Dough in Nashville and saw first hand the excellent branding used in the restaurant and the terrific food and entertainment there.

See some effective restaurant branding ideas with Rock’n Dough!

What is Rock’n Dough?

Rockn Dough Wall Decal

Rock’n Dough Wall Decal

Rock’n Dough is primarily a pizzeria, but also offers burgers, pasta, salads, and vegan options. The restaurant is also a brewery with a full variety of their own beers and ales.

By way of background, Rock’n Dough started as a food truck in Memphis, Tennessee. After a stint as a mobile restaurant, the management decided to open a full-sized restaurant and ended operations in the food truck. The rest is history!

At Rock’n Dough, everything is made fresh. They make fresh dough every day and brew many varieties of beer at their Jackson location. However, the Nashville location is the first location that they designed and decorated from scratch, with hip and urban decor.

To enhance the decor, Rock’n Dough employed a Jackson area artist to design beer labels, which are featured prominently on posters in the restaurant and on the beer menu. In addition to the posters, check out the art built into the restaurant and banners they use.

Hip Restaurant Branding Ideas


Rock'n Dough

Rock’n Dough Logo

Not only is Rock’n Dough’s name fun and unique, but the visual logo is eye-catching and exciting. It sets the tone for the rest of the restaurant experience.


Rock'n Dough Menu

Rock’n Dough Menu

Feast your eyes on this striking Rock’n Dough restaurant menu. With the rock and roll hand sign behind the lettering and the pops of color—green, red, and purple—this menu adds to the hip restaurant branding design.


Rock'n Dough Coaster

Rock’n Dough Coaster

Coasters a subtle way to make your restaurant unique and fun. At Rock’n Dough, there are many different coasters you can get, each with a fun graphic design and unique logo. Each time you go, you can collect another coaster!

Art and Decor

Rock'n Dough Decor

Rock’n Dough Decor

In addition to decals painted directly on some of the walls, there are many rock and roll posters and pictures all over. This creates a great atmosphere, no matter where you sit!

Check Out Rock’n Dough for Yourself!

Apart from the decor, I had a delicious meal at Rock’n Dough, and can’t wait to get back there for another one! You can find Rock’n Dough attached to a new Hampton Inn. The address is 3451 Dickerson Pike, Nashville, TN 37207. Try it today!

Full disclosure: Rock’n Dough is a customer of The Print Authority, and we printed most of the decor items pictured here. We can help you bring your restaurant branding ideas to fruition. To learn more about how you can create quality branded materials, contact us today!