June 19, 2020 The Print Authority

5 Printing Solutions to Support Remote Workers at Home

Many large businesses and some smaller ones have continued operations during the coronavirus crisis by requiring their workforce to operate remotely. Almost overnight, a large swathe of the working public has discovered new ways of working remotely, such as printing materials for employees while working remotely.

By and large, a large portion of the U.S. economy is being operated from living rooms, kitchens and home offices during the pandemic.

If you and your team are working from home during this time, you want your business operations to continue running smoothly.

Not only can you find innovative printing methods to help marketing efforts during the pandemic, but there are many ways that printing while working remotely can help your team and clients.

This article will explore how printing while working remotely can help keep your company running!

5 Solutions For Printing While Working Remotely

1. Update Your Training Materials

Many states and cities have introduced restrictions and protocols for when and how businesses are allowed to reopen. These rules vary not only by state and locality but also by type of business. Retail businesses, offices, and restaurants operate very differently and are subject to different rules and regulations.

Create an updated training manual for your company and a checklist for your employees that reflects these new regulations and establishes protocols to ensure a clean, safe working environment.

These documents may evolve as government regulations change, so consider creating digital versions of your manuals and checklists until your company’s long-run plans are clear. At this point, you can print them.

Having a clear plan in place that your employees and customers are aware of will ensure that you keep all people associated with your business healthy. It will increase your customers’ confidence in your business!

As well, staying at home leads to the use of new technologies, including online and mobile ordering, increased online presence, and cashless transactions.

Consider creating training manuals or job aids for how to use these new technologies. Job aids can be as simple as a laminated card, which gives team members simple instructions, or they can be booklets or manuals, which go into much more detail.

Using printed materials will help improve the consistency of your company’s operations, which are being supported by many individuals working together and separately at the same time.

Depending on your business, this can include how to set up and join online company meetings over video, how to do payroll online, how to complete online sales, or simply how to work successfully from home.

Your employees will appreciate the clarity, and it will make operations easier for everyone.

2. Make Office Materials Accessible to Your Employees

While working from home, your employees still need the same printed materials that they needed in the office, so make sure you continue to distribute these to keep your business operating smoothly.

These products include anything that your employees wouldn’t already have at home, such as company letterhead, envelopes, business cards, order forms, brochures, notepads, or accounting documents.

If you work with a printing company experienced with providing web to print and printing fulfillment solutions, you can have a web portal set up and use online ordering of printed materials to safely order additional copies of these documents and have them shipped directly to your employees or your branches.

This way, everyone can easily continue their operations while away from the office.

In addition, depending on your business, your employees might need to send letters directly to clients.

Make sure to print company stationery, letterhead, and envelopes to distribute to your employees so that they can continue vital printed communication from home.

Printed letters can be both personalized and professional on company stationery, and it’s more important than ever to maintain professionalism while working from home.

3. Inform Your Customers

If you’ve changed how your business runs to comply with Stay at Home Orders or other regulations, your customers probably also have to change how they interact with your company.

Make sure you provide information to your customers so that it’s as easy as possible for them to continue using your services.

This could mean publishing information on your company’s website that explains how your business has changed and the ramifications for your customers, including how to place orders online, services you temporarily suspend, updated delivery times, or who to contact in case of questions.

This will ensure that your customers experience a smooth transition to using your company’s services remotely! Consider sending a mailer to your current customers tol get important information on how to work with your business. A simple mailer could be the difference between getting an order and having a customer go to a different source!

Further, if you work for a public-facing business, even though you’re working from home, other people—including potential customers—will still see your company’s building as they pass by.

Design and print a banner that lets customers know important information about your business, particularly if they can’t go inside to learn about it from you or your employees. Depending on your business, this banner might list updated hours, the phone number, instructions for placing orders, or instructions to visit your company’s website.

4. Printing as You Reopen Your Business

If your business is open to the public and you are starting to reopen, you may need a host of other printed materials to help with social distancing or other needs.

Examples include floor decals to promote distancing, signs to control entry and exit from the business, directional arrows and more. Your customers will appreciate you keeping them safe!

For businesses that have been temporarily closed to the public and are starting to reopen, you can create materials letting your customers know that you’re fully operational again.

For retail businesses, medical practices, and other consumer-oriented companies, you could print a banner or put out yard signs, so the community will know when you are ready for them to return to your place of business.

For larger businesses, you could send out a paper mailing or an email to let your customers know that you’re ready to work with them in person again.

5. Access Design Services

It may seem daunting locating and working with a designer in a time when so many businesses are closed.

If your logo or printed materials need an update or a fresh new look, an experienced printing company used to printing while working remotely can facilitate the process.

Once you update your logo, make sure you reprint your company materials and update your website to reflect this change so that they’re ready to go by the time you return to work in the office.

You will impress your customers and clients with your company’s new look!

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