June 12, 2020 The Print Authority

5 Tips for Your Medical Office Reopening Announcement

As the manager of a healthcare company, doctor or practice manager, your world has been turned upside down by the global pandemic. The coronavirus caused many doctor’s offices and related healthcare companies to close.

You or your loved ones may have gotten sick, and many employees face a new reality of working from home.

Most importantly, our country has seen a drastic change in how healthcare is delivered. At times, it can be exhausting to learn how to provide high-quality patient care in a harsh new environment.

As the country begins to recover, there are many things you can do to attract new patients and bring back old ones.

One simple but powerful solution to getting your healthcare business or medical practice back up and running is print marketing.

While using social media and updating your website seem like obvious steps to take, using printing effectively can help you launch your medical office reopening.

Using printed materials will help consumers understand why your services will benefit them and how your practice or practices will operate in this new landscape.

Below are five great ways great design and printing can help you to hit the ground running.

Medical Office Reopening Announcement Ideas

1. Redesign Your Logo

Since your hours or services have been restricted and you are now ready to reopen, now is the perfect time to have a professional designer give your brand a facelift with a new logo.

You can use the logo on signage, invoices, your website, and all other printed materials.

While it is not a good idea from a health standpoint to have a “grand reopening” celebration in person at this time, a new look will give you the excuse to reintroduce your practice to the public and will attract fresh attention.

2. Use Mailers to Reach Out to Patients

Did you know that studies show that printed ads have a longer-lasting effect than pure digital advertising?

In one study, subjects showed greater emotional response and memory for physical media ads as opposed to online ads.

Additionally, participants spent a longer time reviewing printed ads, remembered them more quickly and confidently, and subconsciously desired and valued the printed ads more than online ads.

The greater impact and emotional connection with printed advertising makes a strong case for putting printed mailers in your patients’ hands.

Creating mailers for your practice can be a great touchless and geographically targeted way to reach your patients and prospects where they are right now…at home.

Mailers can take several forms. While postcards are a tried and true format, try something different to pique the patient’s interest. One way to give the personal touch is to send letters on professionally printed stationery.

This will let patients know that you want them to return and the steps you have taken to ensure their safety.

Or, for something more interesting, create a mailer in a brochure format but with an unusual fold, shape, or size to catch people’s attention.

Another idea is to send printed flyers to attract new patients and to let current patients know you are thinking about them. You can write a brief message to let your patients know why they should choose you for their care.

Remember that you can target your current patient list (so long as you have an accurate physical address list), or you can mail to residences within a geographic radius of your offices.

A professional printer can help obtain a high-quality target list of residences.

3. Say ‘We Are Open’ Loud and Proud With Banners or Yard Signs

Your offices may have been closed, restricted to telehealth, or have had to have very limited services for some time.

A banner or big sign in front of your building will make more people aware that you are open again. Additionally, this sign can also inform them that they can contact you to receive healthcare services.

This sign can be simple, but it needs to catch people’s attention. Yard signs are also good signage if local ordinances limit the use of banners or if you are looking for a lower-cost option.

The important thing is to let your community know you are open for business and how to contact you best to set appointments. Outdoor signage might also include a quick list of your most popular services.

4. Use Personalized Thank You Notes to Show Appreciation

When patients come to your office for their healthcare and pick your services over others, let them know that you care.

Writing or printing a note on personal letterhead or note cards displays your gratitude. Gratitude has been proven to help people feel happy, improve their health, and appreciate good experiences.

Providing this thank you note will make your patients smile and leave them wanting to come back to see you again. You can even mail thank you notes to your already established patients for coming to see you in the past.

Making your patients feel appreciated is a great step towards motivating them to utilize your high-quality services again.

5. Employ Interior Signage to Put Patients at Ease

It’s no secret that patients are apprehensive about visiting doctor’s offices right now with the coronavirus still active in our communities.

A great way to give your patients peace of mind during your medical office reopening is through print signage.

You can show people the steps you are taking to limit risk to them with good signage inside your office.

If you require patients and your staff to wear masks, it makes sense to create a professional sign or cling label explaining this to your clientele.

Also, if your office waiting room practices have changed, and people are required to wait outside or in their cars for their appointment time, you need to let people know. People will be more at ease with proper notification.

Use High-Quality Print Marketing For Your Medical Office Reopening

While there is still certainly demand for your healthcare services, high-quality design and printing will help your company or practice get back up and running during this difficult time.

The experts at The Print Authority can help you design and print high-quality mailers, professional letterheads and envelopes, thank you notes, banners, yard signs, and more. These services can help to give your reopening efforts a much-needed lift.

Our designers will work with you to make sure your logo is up to date, and your materials are eye-catching to appeal to your patients.

Contact The Print Authority today at (615) 468-2679 to learn how you can use print marketing to boost the success of your medical office reopening!