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Custom Printing for Home Health Care Marketing

From informational brochures to employee training manuals, your home health care company relies on custom printing to ensure successful marketing and stellar operations. Keep reading to learn more about how to create the best printed materials for your company!

General Home Care Marketing Methods & Tips

From design to distribution, here are some easy tips to keep in mind as you create your home health care company’s printed marketing materials.

Explain Your Company Clearly in Your Marketing Materials

If your company provides multiple services (such as registered nurses, home health aides, physical or occupational therapists, and companions) or multiple levels of care (such as personal care and companionship, private duty nursing care, and home health care), potential clients might need help deciding which level of care they need.

In your marketing aimed at potential clients and their families, design and print pamphlets that clearly explain what each level of care entails, how frequently caretakers can come, what they can and cannot do, your employees’ professional licenses, and whether or how insurance policies cover your care. You may need multiple home health care brochures, as individual clients may not need to know about all levels of care.

In your marketing aimed at healthcare professionals and discharge staff, in addition to the information above, explain how your company will communicate about how the patient is doing.

Know Your Company’s Strengths—and Your Limitations

Home health companies need to market themselves without having a residential facility that prospective clients and their families can visit. As such, your printed marketing materials, such as mailers, brochures, and flyers, are doubly important. Maintain close relationships with local practitioners and discharge staff who can recommend your services, and distribute flyers, informational booklets, and brochures to them so that they are familiar with your company. Your community connections will serve you well!

Know Your Audiences

You have two main audiences: doctors or discharge planners who can refer their patients to you, and patients and their families who have decided independently that they would like to receive home health care. So, market to both of those groups.

If your company focuses on senior care, post-marketing home health care flyers in senior residential facilities and community centers, as many seniors—even some already in residential facilities—need in-home care. Maintain relationships with facility administrative teams who can refer their residents to you.

Choose the Best Marketing Materials for Your Audiences

Some common marketing materials for home health companies include brochures and booklets about your company and the services you offer, home health care business cards, flyers, insert pages about your staff, director, and services that you offer, and custom folders to hold other informational materials. Work with a professional printer to create and print all of these materials, and be sure to include your company’s logo and website or other contact information on everything you distribute.

In addition to your regular marketing materials, create specialty printed promotional items, like custom printed bottles of hand sanitizer, mugs, first aid kits or embroidered uniforms to help your company stand out. These items are useful to your clients and also help you appear more professional!

As you maintain relationships with local medical providers, make sure your promotional materials, such as gifts and gratuities, comply with the Stark Law and the practices’ rules and regulations.

Produce materials to display at local health fairs or medical conventions. These can include informational materials such as posters, brochures, business cards, and free promotional items for people who stop by your booth.

Tips on Printing for Clients and Their Families

Printing is a valuable tool to help keep your clients and their families safe. Here are some of the most important ways to use printing to create the best customer experience!

Create Helpful Client Resources

For each of your clients, print a comprehensive, personalized resource packet, which includes information about your services, which services your company can and cannot provide, your company’s contact information, a copy of the patient’s contract, and a list of recommended doctors to call in an emergency. This will come in handy again and again!

Print general information booklets which give tips on common healthcare issues (such as, “How to reduce the risk of falling at home” and “How to make your home accessible for limited mobility”). Clients can use these resources to learn more and keep themselves safe.

Some clients might be able to access the internet more easily, while others might prefer paper resources. Make sure you publish all information on both your website and on paper so that clients can access it in whichever way is most accessible to them. These are excellent resources for your clients and also build your reputation as a business, which helps clients stay safe.

Remind Your Clients That You Care

Send a monthly or quarterly newsletter to current clients, which include important and helpful information, such as updates from the director, spotlight on an employee, and how current world events might affect their care.

As well, send thank you cards to customers and their families, as well as holiday cards and birthday cards. A hand-printed note can go a long way to personalize the care that you offer and is more likely to be read both by the person receiving care and their family.

Tips on Printing for Home Health Care Employees

In addition to your clients, your employees can benefit from professionally printed resources. Here are two of the most important.

Print Comprehensive Employee Training Materials

Because home care happens at home and not in a facility, employees need to know exactly which services they can provide and which they can’t, as well as how to perform all expected services on their own. Create employee manuals that explain these guidelines to ensure high-quality, uniform operations.

Make it Easy to Provide Personalized Care

Create a caregiving booklet or log for the employees who assist each client to ensure that the client receives the best possible care. Include any pertinent information, such as their contract, a list of their medications and diagnoses, their contacts and doctors, and any other information that employees should know about the client to provide stellar service. Include a place for the employee to write notes for each day to keep track of their care and communicate with other caretakers.

Fulfillment and Web to Print Portals

Larger companies with multiple locations that provide these services rely on many individuals to provide care, so partnering with a company experienced with web to print storefronts and printing fulfillment can be a great idea. Well-designed portals should include your branding, the many products you offer and a way to personalize the pieces you provide. Outstanding print fulfillment providers may also offer ways for users to customize photos and text to suit each market being serviced.

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