July 14, 2018 The Print Authority

Best (and Worst) Fonts For Franchises

We’re not ashamed to admit it: Here at The Print Authority, we love fonts. You may find yourself questioning, “How can something so small be such a big deal?” Trust us, when it comes to representing your brand, your font choice has a bigger impact than you know. With that being said, looking at the best fonts for franchises is one of the most important parts of designing marketing materials!

But, out of the estimated 300,000 fonts available in the world, which are the best fonts for franchises? Today, we’re taking that complex and slightly overwhelming question and creating a simple answer. See below for the best (and the worst) fonts for franchises in 2018!

1. Work Sans

Work Sans

Classic and classy. Work Sans is wonderful for the franchise owner who wants to communicate quality — without appearing stuffy. Its history is loosely based on early Grotesques, but updated for the modern user.

2. Playfair Display

Playfair Display

Claud Eggers Sorensen is the genius behind this beautiful font. He found inspiration from the typefaces of the late 18th century. Its prestigious history makes it perfect for the business owner looking for a beautiful blend of traditional lines with a modern twist. For more of a contrast, Playfair Display pairs nicely with Georgia, where Georgia is used as the body text.

3. Space Mono

 Space Mono

If you’re hoping to brand your franchise to stand out from the crowd, then Space Mono could well be the font for you. Its daring lines, quirky angles, and geometic shapes are suited for those who want to capture looks and leave a lasting impression.

4. Rubik


The slightly-rounded corners of the Rubik font family are simple in design and elegant in execution. Franchise owners looking for a legible, yet fashionable font should look no further.

5. Eczar


The Eczar font family started as a student project in a university in the United Kingdom. It is undoubtedly one of the most unique, but usable, on the market. It contains a wonderful mix of personality and performance. Eczar also comes in a variety of different weights, where the strong features become more noticeable with each corresponding increase.

6. Alegreya


Named one of the top “Fonts Of The Decade” in 2011, Alegreya has long been a favorite within the design world. Originally created for literature, the font has proven its worth to many franchise owners. Alegreya is known for adding a dynamic contrast and freshness to any page.

7. Archivo Narrow

Archivo Narrow

The multi-use nature of Archivo Narrow makes it absolutely perfect for a business owner looking for clear and legible text. Since it was made for use simultaneously on both digital and printed platforms, this font is convenient for all angles of branding.

8. Spectral


The Spectral font family speaks to the elegance and sophistication of any brand. It was also created to be used in text-heavy documents or for digital use, making it incredibly versatile.

9. Inknut Antiqua

Inknut Antiqua

This quirky yet elegant design was created to keep the idiosyncrasies you might find in the artisanal tradition. This historical-themed font is great for viewing on low-resolution screens or representing your brand in a unique way.

10. Raleway


We’ve left the most elegant until last. This stunning sans-serif font works well for the person who is looking for modern and sophisticated text. This font is also incredibly versatile due to the fact that it comes in 9 different weights.

Worst: Comic Sans or Times New Roman

Comic Sans and Times New Roman

There are so many fonts to choose from these days. There isn’t any reason to choose something that was popular in the early 2000s like Comic Sans or Times New Roman.

Styles change, which mean is vital to adopt the latest trends in typography.

If you’re not sure which font speaks to your brand or how to best use different fonts in your advertising materials, contact us today. 

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