February 24, 2023 The Print Authority

Full Guide to Multi-Location Marketing [Dos and Don’ts]

Running a multi-location business provides opportunities to make an impact in a wide geographical range. Operating locations in more than one neighborhood, city, or even state opens your services to more and more people, which means developing a multi-location marketing strategy to optimize your marketing efforts. 

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about multi-location marketing, including the best strategies to try, strategies to avoid, and more!


What is Multi-Location Marketing?

It sounds simple, but it’s the truth: multi-location marketing consists of marketing strategies that are specifically created for businesses such as franchises that have multiple locations. Every aspect of your multi-location business influences which marketing strategies are most effective for your company, and your locations are just one such quality. 

Multi-location marketing is a solution for unorganized, single-location-based marketing. When your marketing team creates a marketing plan that complements your business type, your marketing immediately becomes more effective and better reaches your target audience. 

Multi-Location Marketing: Strategies to Try

When you’re developing a multi-location marketing campaign, be sure to add these ideas to your list. 

Develop a Single Brand Guide 

In order to ensure that all business locations work within the same branding guidelines, create a brand guide that all locations can follow. Including uniform branding on your products throughout your locations creates a cohesive brand experience for your potential customers. 

Your brand guide is the holy grail for multi-location brands because it ensures that your marketing materials will be part of a cohesive whole. It’s a rule book for how to communicate your brand in print and digital channels. In your brand guide, be as comprehensive and specific as possible, and be sure to address topics such as: 

  • Color palette
  • Typography
  • Logos
  • Voice and tone
  • Imagery

By ensuring that all locations follow the same stylistic guides, you make sure that all customers have the same great experiences with your company again and again. 

Consider Locations

Every new location needs some assistance getting off the ground. New locations might need more attention and materials than more established ones, particularly if the franchisee is just starting out or if the location hasn’t yet found its clientele. Consider assembling a new franchisee startup kit that provides all the materials that new locations need. 

More popular locations also need some extra love and attention. Since they are reaching out to more people, be sure to supply them with a steady supply of the materials they need. Setting up a custom web-to-print portal helps individual locations maintain their momentum and gives them the push they need to continue their success!

Consider Customer Preferences 

Some customers may prefer certain types of print marketing or social media marketing, so take some time on the front end to ensure that you know exactly which strategies will be most effective. Are you seeking a younger demographic? If so, advertising on platforms such as Instagram might be most helpful. Are you searching for homeowners? If so, consider sending mailers to the houses in your target demographic. 

Some customers are only driven by deals and new openings, so emphasize these aspects in your marketing, both online and in print. By emphasizing the aspects that will connect best with your target demographics, you increase your chances of encouraging prospects to take action and walk in your door. 

Multi-Location Marketing: Strategies to Avoid 

It’s all well and good to know which strategies to use, but it’s just as important to know which strategies to avoid. Here’s what to keep in mind. 

Not Acknowledging Local Communities 

While a cohesive brand image is necessary, specific locations might require individualized marketing or not supplying certain materials. For example, a location near multiple retirement communities may be a better place to supply more flyers and door hangers. The population in this area might not spend as much time online, so a digital marketing strategy would not be as effective. 

Not Partnering With an Expert in Multi-Location Marketing

Why get mediocre service when you could get the best? This applies to all aspects of life, including your multi-location marketing strategy. Failing to partner with experts can result in a poor, disjointed, and improperly supplied franchise. Avoid this situation and overcome marketing challenges by partnering with the experts. 

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