June 7, 2019 The Print Authority

What to Include on Custom Car Magnets for Business

Decaling your car for a business is a popular form of advertising as it allows anyone who sees your car to see your company name. Although it seems to be a win-win situation, the drawback, however, is that decals are difficult to remove, requiring a lot of commitment. Custom car magnets, however, are easier to use and are reusable.

Because magnets are easier to place and remove, custom car magnets for business are a great way of spreading the word about your company. In addition, smaller bumper magnets make a simple gift that’s easy to distribute and give to clients and customers. On top of that, one of the great benefits is that when someone puts the magnet on their car, your brand goes wherever they go.

Custom car magnets for business essentially cause anyone around you at a red light to view your brand and potentially generate more revenue. The question, however, is what to put onto a car magnet?

What Should You Put on a Custom Car Magnet for Business

Just like with a business card, a car magnet that advertises your business should have the same kind of information available to everyone who reads it. Unlike a business card, however, a car magnet won’t make its way into someone’s trash, making it a great way to market your business.

Read on to learn about what you should include on your custom car magnet for business.

Company Name

It should go without saying, but your company name is one of the most important elements to include in any of your marketing materials, especially on a car magnet. When you put a magnet on your car, it’s all but guaranteed that someone will see it. If your company name isn’t on that magnet, however, then you have just lost that potential new client. Nevertheless, no matter what you use to advertise, if your name isn’t visible, no one will know what you’re talking about.


Just as important as the name, the company logo helps solidify your brand. Putting your company logo on a car magnet can help spread your company’s awareness. In essence, having people see your company logo on a custom car magnet for business during rush hour traffic is just as good as having an ad play on the morning radio.

Company Colors

Your company colors are a crucial way of providing brand recognition. If you think of some of the most popular brands out there, the first thing you remember is the company color scheme, before even the logo or the company name. Moreover, this is helpful in the long run, because when people see those colors, they’ll be able to associate them with your company.


A good slogan makes your brand stand out from the competition. Having a fleet of vehicles roaming around with your slogan slapped on them will not only help get your voice out there, but it’ll help others see who you are as a business. Plus, if you can get people to remember your slogan, you’ll have people advertising your business all on their own.

Contact Information

Even if you have your slogan and logo on your car magnet, it won’t mean anything if no one knows how to get in touch with you. Because of the high visibility custom car magnets for business will provide, it’s probably a good idea to print some form of contact information that’s visible. Doing this will help many potential customers get in touch with you faster.

A custom car magnet for business is a great marketing tactic for franchises that have several vehicles on the road. For more information on car magnets for business, contact The Print Authority, who’ll be able to provide you with custom, high-quality car magnets for your business. Their experts will make your magnets look amazing.