September 2, 2018 The Print Authority

Sports Program Printing: 5 Ways To Knock It Out of the Park

A sports event for your community, school, or workplace wouldn’t be quite the same without a sports program. Sports program printing is an event planning necessity when it comes to building team spirit, raising funds, showcasing athletes and coaches, and of course, giving fans and players something to keep as a memento.

If you have found yourself asking, “What is the best strategy to create a highly profitable and memorable sports program?”, fear not. The home team doesn’t have to be the only ones sliding into home plate! Attack sports program printing like a pro and hit it out of the park with these 5 tips:

1. Hire a Professional Designer

Don’t hire just anyone to design your program layout. Although it may be tempting to cut corners, quality graphic design work takes an experienced, creative professional. Your team deserves the best — and so do your fans.

Sports programs are memorabilia for a lot of fans and players, so you need something that they can look at and say “Wow!”. Not to mention, if you’re looking for recurring sponsorship, showing a return on a company’s investment is always a plus. What better way to show thanks to your sponsors than by a beautifully printed ad in your program?

2. Incorporate High-Quality Images

Not surprisingly, the better an image is, the more attention it draws. A high-quality program needs high-quality pictures!

Similar to graphic design, photography is also best left to the professionals. Rather than whipping out your phone and snapping a few photos, a photographer could create a gallery of images that would more accurately represent the quality of your event. So get out there and hire a well-equipped photographer to capture those action, portrait, and team shots!

3. Use Glossy Paper on the Front Cover

Have you considered what type of paper you should use for the front cover of the programs? Regular or glossy?

Although it may seem like a tough decision, we believe that glossy is the way to go. A glossy cover brings vibrancy and depth to any image while also giving a more luxurious feel. Plus, you can also look into a special UV coating for the cover for an extra shine.

4. Feature Space for Ads

Not only can ads potentially cover the cost of program production –your entire event may not be possible without them. Whether you’re selling ad space to friends and family, locally owned businesses or larger corporations, setting a varied price structure ahead of time is key.

For example, an ad placement on the back cover and inside cover would cost much more than a quarter-page in the middle of the sports program. This gives businesses the flexibility to choose an ad space that matches their desired reach and budget. Deciding on this rate structure for different ad sizes beforehand proves to be a successful strategy.

In addition to this, remember to keep a record of past sponsors so that you can reach out to them for next year’s program.

5. Make Space for Important Information

Now that you have sponsored ads, a beautifully designed layout, and high-quality pictures… you’re done, right? Wrong. Your program layout should also include important details such as the bios of all the players, information on the coaches, and the next season’s game schedule.

When paired with bold images, a creatively designed program, and high-quality printing, your sports program is sure to attract attention from the players, attendees, and sponsors!

If you are searching for an all-inclusive sports program printing service, look no further! With graphic design experts and state of the art printing equipment, we’ll get the job done right. To hit your sports program printing out of the park, contact us today!