December 12, 2019 The Print Authority

Restaurant Branding Inspiration: The Hamilton in D.C.

Have you been looking for restaurant branding inspiration to take your establishment to the next level?

Recently, one of our team members had the opportunity to eat lunch at The Hamilton, a restaurant in Washington D. C. While eating a tasty lunch, he noticed The Hamilton’s excellent branding and started snapping photos. For context, the restaurant is beautifully decorated with wood panels pretty much everywhere, stylized light fixtures, and artwork on the walls. It is a mid to high-end restaurant with reasonable pricing and high quality, delicious food.

Check out The Hamilton’s incredible branding techniques for inspiration!

Restaurant Branding Inspiration from The Hamilton!

Tasteful Posters

printed poster

Printed Poster for Thanksgiving Meal

Posters advertising Thanksgiving Day meals are located on a door at street level. One of the fonts used on the poster is similar to one used on U. S. currency with lines filling in the letters.

Well Designed Menus

printed menu

The Hamilton Printed Menu

Clean, crisp printed menus with The Hamilton logo are handed out to each customer while being seated. The restaurant logo has “The” in a script font and “Hamilton” in a non-script font, making for a hip presentation.

Also, the image of Alexander Hamilton in the logo always has sunglasses. The sunglasses theme is carried forward on the restaurant’s website, and the restaurant’s staff are pictured there wearing sunglasses.

Eye-Catching Chopstick Holders

chopstick holders

Printed Chopstick Holders

Printed chopstick holders with the Alexander Hamilton logo on one side and the text logo on the other are provided for people who order sushi.

Free Postcards


The Hamilton Printed Postcards and Mini Folders

Free beautiful oversized postcards of the restaurant are available at the front counter. Postcards are a great marketing technique because many customers are more likely to grab a postcard than a business card.

Custom Napkins

printed napkins

Classy Printed Napkins

Classy printed napkins are provided with drinks. This is a subtle touch but surely adds to the classy atmosphere of the restaurant.

Branded Guest Checks

mini folders

Inside of Mini Thank You Folders

Thank you mini pocket folders come at the end of the meal with the bill inside. Custom restaurant guest checks are another subtle detail that only further customizes a guest’s experience.

Where Can You Print Custom Restaurant Branding

The result of this branding and high-quality food was an enjoyable experience that is hard to forget. The branding effort is consistent, tastefully presented, but not over the top. Kudos to the team at The Hamilton. Hats (and sunglasses) off for a job well done! It is surely a great example of restaurant branding inspiration.

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