October 8, 2020 The Print Authority

Marketing Your Senior Living Facility Through Print

From small, independent facilities to national enterprises, senior care companies rely on printed materials to market senior living to prospective residents and their families and advance internal operations. Keep reading to learn how stellar printing can help your senior care company succeed!

What to Know When Marketing Senior Living Facilities

Printing For Your Clients, Residents, and Their Families

As people age, their visual acuity often decreases. Therefore, make all printed materials for elderly people easy to read. Use large text sizes and easy-to-read typefaces, such as Arial and Helvetica, with contrast between text and background. Include plenty of white space to reduce eye fatigue. Use a limited number of fonts, and use bold, not italics, for emphasis.

Successfully Marketing Senior Living Facilities Through Print

Start by making a great impression with potential clients and their families! Employ a professional designer to create a logo and design scheme that aligns with your company’s ethos, and use this on all of your printed and digital senior living marketing materials. Print clean and easy-to-read assisted living business cards, brochures, folders, contracts and living space floorplans.

Highlight your company’s strengths. Do you offer multiple levels of care? How about a dementia floor, or a skilled nursing facility? Are you a facility for active seniors? Does your company have a religious affiliation? Do you offer transportation or outings in the local community? Say so in your senior housing marketing materials!

Print custom stationery and cards to communicate with prospective residents, thanking visitors touring the facility and welcoming new residents and their families. Print easy-to-read contracts that they can sign when they decide they want to move in or employ your service!

Provide Useful Materials

Print materials that your clients need for their daily activities. Many seniors rely on printed materials instead of electronic communication, and they might not be familiar with how to access your website. Print and distribute all communications to your residents, including resident directories, daily or weekly event calendars, and newsletters.

Be aware of the cognitive and physical challenges that your clients might face. Residents may need printed physical reminders of important dates, phone numbers, and mealtimes. To increase accessibility for residents who don’t or can’t read, print schedules that use color-coded activities.

Make your dining rooms accessible by printing and distributing your dining room’s menus. This helps residents decide whether they’d like to eat in the dining room, and it helps them order their meals more easily and quickly because they’re already familiar with the menu. Inside the dining room, print laminated cards to label your buffet items. These help your residents understand which foods you offer and can then be reused!

Make your facility stand out by providing residents with these increased services:

  1. Create move-in packets for new residents. Explain which activities and services you provide, clarify company and emergency protocols, and describe how to access other levels of care.
  2. Some residents have moved to a new city to live at your facility, so print maps and guides to the area. List noteworthy restaurants and cultural sites, and describe each location’s handicap accessibility. Provide recommendations for local doctors, including a map of local bus routes. Provide any information that helps your residents thrive!
  3. Many seniors are less familiar with technology, so create booklets with basic tutorials on using phones, computers, and printers and answering some common troubleshooting problems. Large senior living companies can send these guides to all your locations.

Printing to Facilitate Smoother Company Operations

Centralize Printed Materials for Administrative Ease

Create a uniform experience at all of your locations. Larger companies have many materials that are the same for all of their locations, including visitor sign-in sheets, package drop-off logs, residential contracts, liability forms, and other business and legal documents. Print these materials at one printing company specializing in web to print fulfillment, and your facilities can then order them as needed. This saves your on-site staff the time and energy of creating these materials themselves!

Create Job Aids to Ensure Employee Excellence

Your residents’ well-being and comfort is your top priority, so print manuals, training cards, and server cards for your dining room and janitorial staff at all of your facilities to ensure uniform resident and staff safety. Print medical checklists for your residents, and create handbooks for your staff on medical procedures and protocol.

Print caregiver report sheets for your assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing facilities. Caregivers need to record residents’ medications, temperatures, meals, and other information, and physical and occupational therapists need to record their progress with their patients. Design and print a log for your staff to record this pertinent information and include copies of wills, medical histories, Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST), Do Not Resuscitate Forms, medication records, and HIPPA Release Forms.

Work With an Expert Printer!

With 30 years in the business, The Print Authority can help you design, print and distribute your senior care company’s materials. We have decades of experience building custom storefronts for our clients online and are experts at fulfilling orders for multiple location companies. Our passion for printing and excellent service set us apart from the rest. Contact us today!