November 23, 2022 The Print Authority

How To Create & Print Effective Hiring Flyers For Your Business

In today’s economy, attracting potential hires to your company is vitally important. Whether you’re starting a business from scratch, opening a new franchise location, or looking to fill open positions, great hiring flyers help you find the talent you’re looking for. 

If you want to print hiring flyers that boost application rates, keep reading! This article will explain everything you need to know about we’re hiring flyers, including advice on design elements, printing tips, and more. 


Why Use We’re Hiring Flyers?

Getting your company’s name out there is no small feat, so job flyers are a massive help that encourages prospective applicants to reach out. Here are just some of their top benefits:

  • They’re visible. Hiring flyers posted on physical job boards attract attention from job-seekers. When readers see your intriguing flyer, they’ll want to learn more. 
  • They’re mailable. Flyers are small enough to cheaply mail to target demographics.
  • They’re tangible. Recipients can keep your flyer in their homes, where they’re more likely to see it again and think about applying
  • They’re cost-effective. Flyers frequently have a higher response rate than many digital forms of communication or marketing. By distributing flyers, you can get more bang–and more applications–for your buck.
  • They’re informative. Flyers can contain ample text, so you can include both details about the position and attractive information about the benefits and perks of the job. 

How To Make a We’re Hiring Flyer

If you want to reap the benefits of distributing great hiring flyers at your business or job fairs, follow these top tips. 

Include Vital Information 

A flyer is primarily a method to convey information, so make sure to include the most important job information on your flyer. Include the following details: 

  • Company name
  • Job title
  • Company contact information
  • Starting salary
  • Information about benefits

In short, include all of the information readers need to take the next step to find your website and apply. 

Prioritize Graphic Design

Eye-catching graphic design pulls new hires in. A great design inspires the recipient to read more and learn more about your company, whereas a dull design turns a flyer into junk mail. It can be difficult to produce the best design and graphic elements, particularly when you know that your design might make the difference between someone reading your flyer and immediately recycling it. 

Your flyer is a statement about who your company is and what your values are, so your graphic design should reflect this. For example, a minimalist, modern design demonstrates that your company is future-focused, whereas a kitschy design indicates that your business might be stuck in the past. Therefore, consider enlisting the expert graphic design team at The Print Authority for help creating the perfect design that fits your company goals. 

Keep it Simple 

You have a limited amount of space for text on your hiring flyer, so think hard about what information to include. The job should be the focus of your job posting flyer, as it is the main information that readers want to learn more about. 

Additionally, prioritize the editing process for your business flyer. Winnow down words when you can do so without sacrificing meaning, and ask colleagues to read over the flyer to fix any typos. You want your flyer to make a great impression on your recipients, and highly professional language with no mistakes goes a long way!

Describe Company Culture

Nowadays, work culture is very important to new hires. Help potential applicants understand the benefits of working at your company, including the attitudes and positive experiences that they’ll encounter at your business. 

Whether you devote an entire paragraph to your company culture or simply a bullet point or two, make it clear that employees thrive at your company. Knowing that you offer a supportive and fun environment will help convince them to take action and apply. 

Be Mindful of Font

A readable flyer is the ultimate goal. Therefore, choose a font that is easy to read so that potential applicants can easily understand what you have to say. Make the font large enough to read, as well; 14point is a great font size, with larger headings. 

Including two complementary fonts, one for the title and headings and one for the body text will help readers find the information they need. Some great font pairs include Calvert and Acumin, Montserrat and Courier New, and Skolar Latin and Proxima Nova. 

The Benefits of Professional Flyer Printing 

Printing your own attractive job flyers clearly involves many steps and intricacies. From designing the layout to picking illustrations and fonts, designing one simple flyer involves many decisions. As well, printing your own flyer relies on having a working, high-quality printer, purchasing paper and ink, and frequent printer repair costs. For these reasons, printing your own flyer is often more difficult than it’s worth. 

The Print Authority can help make the hiring flyer creation process easy and effective. With experienced design, printing, and customer service teams on deck, we can guide you through the entire printing process. Printing with a professional printing company also eliminates the need for costly and timely printer repairs. 

Attract Top Talent With Top We’re Hiring Flyers

When you’re ready to boost your applicant numbers, partner with The Print Authority! We print flyers of all sizes on a range of papers, so we’re sure to be able to print the exact hiring flyers you’re looking for. And with over three decades in the print business, we have experience with all types of companies, including those in the service industriesOur team is always excited to help businesses reach their goals! To learn more about how The Print Authority can print the best we’re hiring flyers for your business, contact us today.