December 1, 2022 The Print Authority

How To Create An Effective One-Page Sales Sheet That Sells

Marketing your products is a complex task. With a wide range of marketing materials at your disposal, you have many products to choose from. One of the most effective but often-overlooked marketing materials is the one-page sales sheet. 

Want to learn more? In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the one-page sale sheet, including design tips, one-page sales sheet template ideas, and more!


What is a One Page Sales Sheet? 

A one-page sales sheet, sometimes called a product sheet, is an important marketing tool that quickly points out your product’s most important features. Think of it as your product’s elevator pitch on paper. Its primary goal is to explain the product’s main benefits to prospective customers, which encourages sales. 

A sales sheet might look similar to a brochure on the surface, but it has some key differences. Some of the fundamental elements of a product sell sheet are the following:

  • It is a single page without folds. While brochures can be folded in various styles, sell sheets consist of one unfolded page. Readers can see the content of the entire product sell sheet at once. 
  • It is used by sales and customers alike. One-page sales sheets are versatile; they are useful for everyone involved. 
  • It contains a clear message. A sales sheet is a specialized document that provides the most important details, making it a useful tool for your marketing team and potential customers. 

Sales sheets are typically printed in color in order to make a maximum impact on potential buyers. A great sales sheet stands out from the crowd!

How To Develop a One-Page Sales Sheet

As you design your one-page sales sheet, be mindful that it needs to be viewable and useful for all customers and possibly employees, too. Keep these top qualities in mind to create a sales sheet that gets your point across and encourages customers to take action. 

To The Point 

On your sales sheet, you only have so much space but need to provide a lot of info. Therefore, this is not the place for flowery language; it’s the place to make your ideas clear and concise. Ask a colleague to edit your copy and make sure it’s trimmed down as much as possible. 


It’s unfortunate, but it’s true: clients won’t read a poorly-designed sales sheet. A great design draws readers’ eyes and guides them through the most important information. 

If you’d like help designing the most effective one-page sales sheet, The Print Authority’s expert design team is always happy to assist you. 


Products and services change frequently, so keep your sales sheet up to date. Don’t promise your clients something that doesn’t exist!

On-demand printing is an easy solution that helps you keep all of your printed products, including your one-page sales sheet, up to date. By printing smaller batches of product sell sheets when you need them, you can update your products frequently without rendering huge numbers of copies obsolete. This process is also environmentally friendly!

Easy to Skim 

Many readers are short on time, so make it easy for them to understand the most important points. A strong sell sheet will have easy-to-identify headings that clearly point out which topics your sheet addresses. When readers can easily locate the information they need, they’re more receptive to your product. 

Call To Action

Ultimately, your sheet’s goal is to lead to a sale. Therefore, include a clear call to action that prompts the client to act or buy. Sometimes even a short call to action is the nudge that your ideal customer needs to take the next step, so don’t omit this from your sales sheet!

Top One Page Sales Sheet Templates

Now that we’ve talked about some of the most important aspects of a one-page sales sheet, let’s take a look at some sales sheets that have done it right. 

Good Overview Example

This one-page sales sheet template uses limited words effectively. The clear headings make it easy to skim, and the simple images and bolded numbers help readers quickly find important information and selling points. 

Attractive Design Example 

An attractive design keeps readers engaged. This one-page sales sheet template uses design to its advantage. The blue and yellow accents tie the image together, and the product images whet clients’ appetites. 

Informative Design Example

Readers want detailed information. This one-page sales sheet template includes space for text explaining the products’ top benefits. This sales sheet balances the amount of text perfectly, providing needed information without overwhelming the reader or causing them to lose interest. 

Print One Page Sales Sheets With The Print Authority 

When you’re ready to make your one page sales sheet a reality, team up with The Print Authority! We print sales sheets for companies in a range of sectors, and we offer a wide variety of printing and paper options. Our enthusiastic team would love to talk to you about how we can print your one-page sales sheets that lead to more sales! To get started, contact us today.