June 29, 2018 The Print Authority

10 Amazing Features Of Online Printing Portals

If you could streamline any task and make it more efficient and effective, wouldn’t you do it? Of course, you would. And that’s exactly why it makes sense to combine technology with printing. Online printing portals speed up the printing process and get projects turned around faster, as well as eliminate the possibility of costly errors.

Now, you can order all the printed materials you need from a professional printing company without sacrificing quality for speed. An online printing portal helps you manage your brand by obtaining consistent, high-quality printing from one source. Many businesses with multiple locations or users now use this service to place orders for pre-existing materials with just a few clicks.

Franchisors and manufacturers with distributor networks are natural users of web portals for ordering printing. All designs will be pre-approved by the home office before they are posted and you can be confident that the end users will represent your brand well.

Here are 10 amazing benefits of online printing portals:

1.  Custom Branded Appearance of the Portal


A high-quality portal will incorporate elements of your branding into the portal itself. In this way, your franchisees, distributors or managers will know they are using the officially designated source for all printed items. We can even provide training to the end users so they will know how to place orders!

2.  Great Start-Up Options


We offer two options for new users of custom web to print portals. We can set the portal so your users can create their own passwords if you like, or we can require users to be approved by headquarters. Both options are easy to use and will provide password security.

3.  Advanced Customization Features


We can create your portal to permit as much or as little customization by the end users as you wish. Great portals allow you to preset many design features, while still allowing end users to craft part of the design or even download photos or graphic elements. It is all up to you!

4.  Control of Branding


When creating a new portal, you have complete control over the fonts, styles, and colors. This way, it can match your existing corporate style book, or you can allow users the broad ability to make changes. Well balanced portals ensure that the end product will match corporate standards while empowering the end users to customize and proof products which will look great! The key for franchises and other rapidly growing organizations is to make sure that the printing will look consistent and present the brand well.

5.  Grouping of Material into Kits


Kitting services are all about grouping several types of materials into one packet.  Kits are able to provide a new location with start-up kits, marketing in a box, or human resources packets.  They can also work as promotions for trade shows, training materials, or anything else you can think of. The name of the game is to simplify ordering of materials which will benefit the user!

6.  Automated Approval of Orders (where needed)


Some users want an individual in Human Resources or Franchisee Relations in the home office to approve each order after customization. Great portals allow the approval process to be automated, so long as there is a clear and well-defined approver for each order. This works great to ensure that all items are customized within corporate guidelines and are accurate.

7.  Multiple Shipping Options


Destination, speed, and cost all come into consideration when selecting a shipping option.  Amazing online printing portals give you plenty of options to fit your budget and deadlines, regardless of destination!

8.  Order History


Great online web to print portals automatically store artwork from previously ordered products.  This makes it super easy to place reorders or to tweak the previous order to account for new changes before placing a new order!

9.  Preset pricing and proofing


On-demand web portals for ordering printing should have pre-approved pricing so there will not be any surprises.  In addition, all items which are static and do not need customization should have pre-approved artwork to speed the process along!

10.  Organization


Companies which create outstanding web portals for print ordering allow several ways to organize the process of ordering printed products.  They can be organized in one of two ways. The first option is geographically based on the specific group of users. The second option is by the type of product where signage, marketing or training materials and promotional items can each have their own category.

The Print Authority


Given these 10 incredibly useful features of online printing portals, it is a no-brainer why multiple location businesses use this service.  Following implementation, you will find that obtaining consistent, high quality printed materials across your entire organization will be easy and seamless in buying from one source.  It is also the perfect way to save time and money and avoid hassle!

Are you considering a custom web to print website for your company?  Reach out to The Print Authority team today. We would love to assist with the implementation of your online printing portal!  Give us a call anytime at (615) 468-2679 or email us at CustomerService@ThePrintAuthority.com.