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Emerging Franchise Checklist [Scale Quickly & Sustainably]

Starting a franchise is an exciting business opportunity. However, franchise opportunities can be full of uncertainty: there are over 750,000 franchise establishments in the United States, so how do you make sure your franchise stands out from the crowd? As a business owner, your business’s outcome is never assured, so using tools such as a franchise checklist ensures you’re starting out on the right foot. 

The Importance of a Franchise Checklist

Organization and preparation lead to success. This is true in virtually every area of life, and it’s particularly important in the franchise industry. Whether you’re building a franchise that will have five locations or five hundred, thinking ahead and planning for the future makes starting and scaling your franchise doable. 

A checklist is easy for users across the country to use, and it can make following the same protocol at many locations possible. 

The Ultimate Franchise Checklist

If you’re wondering what to include in your franchise checklist, keep reading! Here are the steps to take as you prepare for your grand opening. 

Gather Legal Documents

Every business requires a range of legal documents to ensure that you’re setting yourself up for success. The two most important legal documents that your franchise will need are the following: 

  • Franchise agreement: a legally binding agreement between the franchisor and franchisee that creates the foundation of the franchise model
  • Disclosure agreement: describes relevant franchise laws and ensures transparency between the franchisor and franchisee

Make sure to talk with a franchise attorney as you start your franchise to ensure that you’re using the right documents for your specific business and location. 

Create System Documents

Building a strong base for your franchise company means figuring out more than just your legal basis; you need to develop all of the documents that make your franchise able to function. This means creating the following documents: 

  • Franchise operations manual: a document that details everything that you develop in your franchise checklist. It explains all of the operations that your franchise will undertake and exactly how you will do them. The importance of this document cannot be overstated!
  • Key fact sheet: a shorter document that highlights the most important features of the franchise network.
  • Information statement: a document that lists all of the risks and benefits of being a franchisee. This ensures that potential franchisees are aware of the possibilities that they will encounter in a franchise program. 
  • Franchising code of conduct: this covers relevant guidance about the structure, organization, and running of a franchise. 

Create Training Documents

Once a franchise is in the works, franchise owners must prepare for future employees. This is where excellent training documents enter the picture. 

Printing a high-quality training manual is an important item on your franchise checklist because employee conduct has an enormous effect on your customers’ satisfaction with your business. High-quality training is essential for your franchise’s success. 

When creating your franchise training manual, think through how to best present the information, using diagrams and images when needed. Consider who will be reading it, and target the information towards them. 

As well, make sure to get feedback from people familiar with your operations to make sure you’ve added all the information you need. Consider printing your manual with coil binding, which makes it easier to read and helps it lay flat when it’s open. 

If you have questions about how to create and print excellent training manuals, feel free to ask experts such as The Print Authority for help. 

Invest in Quality Controls

Strong quality control often determines the success or failure of franchise businesses. By setting up a clear quality control system from the beginning, you increase your franchise’s profits considerably. Be sure to pay attention to the following aspects of quality control: 

  • Legal documentation: we discussed important legal documents above. Ensuring that all franchise legal documents are accurately followed is imperative for your success.
  • Franchisee selection: choosing franchisees who will succeed is an important skill. Vet them thoroughly, and consider their work ethic, fit within the franchise structure, and dependability. 
  • Documented systems: by creating clear systems that franchisees and employees can easily follow, you maintain a high-quality service throughout every level of the company.
  • Support: providing adequate support, both for franchisees and employees, ensures that operations will go as smoothly as possible. 

Develop a Marketing Plan and Materials

Franchise marketing gets your name out there and brings customers to your door. Creating a standardized marketing plan means that each franchisee’s marketing materials and branding are approved by the central organization, which provides all customers with a consistent experience. 

When creating your marketing plan, balance print, and digital materials to reach your target demographic. Use an easy online print portal so that locations can order the marketing materials they need. 

Partner With a Top Printing Company

Working with a great printing company ensures that all locations receive print materials that help them thrive. From franchise manuals to marketing materials, providing staff and customers with professionally printed materials improves your brand experience. 

When selecting a printing company to work with, look for proof of results. Has the company worked with franchises before? How did they help the franchise grow? Discuss your franchise checklist and goals with the company to ensure that you’re in alignment. Great printing companies are on your side from the beginning and want to work with you to make sure you succeed together. 

The Print Authority: The Ultimate Franchise Printer

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We are experts in all aspects of franchise printing, including franchise kits and creating custom print portals for our clients, and we love to see our clients succeed! From creating your franchise checklist to your grand opening to day-to-day operations, we are here to support you. 

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