July 14, 2017 The Print Authority

8 Features Of Print On Demand Fulfillment Services

print on demand fulfillmentThe Print Authority provides a service known as print on demand fulfillment. This is different than some other fulfillment companies in that we use our tremendous digital capacity to minimize inventory which might need to be stored on behalf of clients. The bottom line of our fulfillment system is lower cost and less waste for our clients. We also use our great online ordering systems to facilitate easy ordering for a variety of locations.

What do our print on demand fulfillment services include? Here are the eight features:


As mentioned in our Beginner’s Guide to a Franchise Media Kit, kitting is essentially “marketing in a box.” It’s a way to distribute products or information for a specific purpose. A media kit is an easy way to send information to multiple locations all at the same time. Get creative with your kit. You can send whatever items you feel will be necessary in moving your business forward. Choose your items, get them printed, and leave the shipping to us.


We will package your printed items for you so you can focus on what matters – running your business.

Rolling and Tubing Posters

Posters are widely used in business. Ranging from the “practical” (mandatory employee safety posters) to the “creative” (company mission statements), posters have their place at a company.

But, how do posters arrive at a destination without a crease?

Enter poster rolling.

Our team rolls freshly printed posters, packages them for protection within tubes, and ships them to their destination using either express or ground shipping.

Express Shipping

We ship a huge volume of printed material out every day all over the country by ground shipping, express, and even LTL. Our customers experience same day or next day shipping 99% of the time with print on demand fulfillment projects. If you need express shipping, we have that option.

Ground Shipping

Side note:  our ground shipping volume grew by 105% annually in 2016, and a further 41% annually in 2017! As stated above, 99% of the time our customers experience same day or next day shipping on a print project. Our quick turnaround times reduce the time it takes for a job to be delivered.

New Product Rollouts

Marketing managers and branding experts often make new products available to market. When rolling these products out to market, these managers need a cost-effective way to create packaging and displays to showcase their products and companies.

Our print on demand fulfillment services combine both efficiency and cost savings when planning a new product rollout.

Menu Rollouts

Menu rollouts are the production and shipment of a large quantity of cards, posters, manuals, and other items to all company locations. Usually, menu rollouts are on a rush basis. Often companies come to The Print Authority because their current printing fulfillment provider took too long to produce and ship printed materials.

Startup Kits For New Locations

The Print Authority works with several rapidly growing franchisors. We have experience in helping franchisors growing from a small network of locations to many times that amount.

Startup kits for new locations can include stickers, training cards, certificates of achievement, party invitations, and other items. Our team helps onboard new franchisees, and almost all franchisees who initially order from us place repeat orders. After opening, existing locations can reorder these materials as needed. We work with individual franchisees to design, print, and distribute custom materials suited to their business and market. In addition, we have coordinated large marketing projects to allow each location to use sophisticated New Customer Packets to build their business. Most importantly, our service has allowed the franchisor to maintain control of the brand with consistent, high quality printed materials.

Whether you need print on demand fulfillment or a custom print ordering website, the experts at The Print Authority will find the right way to get your job done so it is affordable and looks fantastic! We have over two decades of experience printing flyers, posters, brochures, business cards, training and marketing materials and much more. Our experts will make your company or organization look great in print. Contact us to learn more.